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Safe Fantasy Weapons For Kids: Nerf N-Force Swords, Bows, Axes, Maces, Shields And Other Awesome Nerf Armament

Updated on March 3, 2015

As a child, I was always intrigued by tales of warriors, freedom fighters, dragon slayers, and barbarians. Partially because they were neat stories, but mostly because I was fascinated by all of the awesome weapons and tools they used. Kid's today are still drawn to swords,shields, axes, bows and arrows, maces, and other awesome medieval style weaponry. Luckily, there are all types of safe fantasy weapons available for kids nowadays.

Not only are the safe, but they are, in a word, awesome. Soft, safe foam never looked so cool. The array of Nerf N-Force weapons available is simply staggering. If you're looking for non-violent medieval fantasy weapons for children, these are without a doubt your best bet. Your sons and daughters can play at being knights while minimizing the chance of an errant swing causing a bruised arm or crying eyes.

These fake swords, axes, and bows aren't just cool for playtime, though! They're great for completing an inexpensive Halloween costume, for use in school plays, a trip to the Renaissance Fair, and all types of other awesome activities. Plus, they're so well designed, the grown-ups can have a heck of a time beaning each other with arrows and swinging foam maces at each other. When the kinder aren't looking, of course.


Safe Fantasy Swords for Kids

The sword: the most traditional fantasy weapon. There hasn't been a boy or girl to walk this beautiful planet who hasn't at one time or another imagined themselves as a dashing swordsman, a knight, a samurai, or a fantasy hero. Nerf N-Force has created safe, awesome short and long swords for children. Sturdy but pliable, these are safe to play with but don't ever feel cheap.

For proof of the Nerf N-Force sword's quality construction, just look at the "blade." Unlike the foam swords of old, it features a realistic looking design that has a real heft to it comes to a blunted point. Although there's no real danger of anyone getting poked, kids will think it looks so much cooler than other safety swords.

Of course, what is a dashing swordsman without his shield? Nerf also produces an awesome foam shield. Kids who want to battle it out with a sword and shield can find the N-Force Stonewall Shield a perfect fit. Typically, the Nerf Shield comes with a beveled short sword, but it can easily be combined with any of the other weapons in the foam armory to create the exact type of knight your child has imagined.

Check out all the different designs and find the best safe foam fantasy sword for your pre-teen!

Safe Fantasy Axes For Kids

Swords aren't the only cool weapons for a hero, though! A mighty ax is often the best companion a warrior could hope for! For the budding Beowulf in your home, these safe fantasy axes for children are a perfect compromise. They can chop and slash until their hearts are content without dinging up the furniture (or each other).

Like the N-Force swords, these harmless kids axes come in a variety of sizes and styles. For instance, the N-Force hatchet is a small and fits in a single hand. This is perfect for playing as native warriors, using with the Stonewall Shield, or easily transporting. The larger Warlock Axe is ideal for strong young warriors who like to swing a big weapon!

Whatever your tastes, these pain-free soft axes are the perfect compliment for young vikings, knights, and bold warriors.

Safe Fantasy Bow And Arrows For Children

Ah, but what is a list of awesome Nerf weapons without a few projectiles? After all, the popular kid's brand is known for their safe toy guns. Well, for any would-be archer, there's the Nerf N-Force bow and arrows. Load your arrow, pull back on the drawstring, and let 'er rip. Boys and girls will love the way it makes it feel like you're using a real fantasy weapon while they're playing with these safe toy arrows.

These easy to use kid's toy bow and arrows are just the thing for kid's who like to pretend they are Lord of the Rings' Legolas or superhero archers like Hawkeye or the Green Arrow.


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