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Kid's Green Lantern Halloween Costume: Child Sized Hal Jordan, Kyle Raynor, John Stewart Costumes

Updated on March 20, 2013

With the popularity of the animated Green Lantern series, parents can expect their kids to want to dress up as their favorite interstellar superhero this Halloween season. For anyone looking for for a Green Lantern kid's Halloween costume, has a particularly diverse selection of Hal Jordan Green Lantern kid's costumes. Read on to find out about all the different options, sizing information, and how to put together the coolest, most accurate Green Lantern costume for your superhero this Halloween.

For more information about the Green Lantern and his adventures, check out the following links so you can be on the save wavelength as your little superfan.

Green Lantern Power Corps Info

Lantern Rings For Sale

Child Sized Green Lantern Costume
Child Sized Green Lantern Costume

Standard Green Lantern Kids Costumes

Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart, Guy Gardener, Kyle Rayner, G'nort, Kilowagg, Arisia - there have been many different faces behind the Green Lantern mask. If your own child wants to take up the mantle and play Green Lantern dress up this Halloween. The standard Green Lantern costume is available from a number of different sellers, but it is important to order as early as you can. Costume sellers are occasionally left with very little stock. To ensure that they order the proper amount, it is best to purchase an outfit months in advance to ensure that it gets there by October.

The baseline kid's Green Lantern Costume comes in the standard small, medium, and large sizes, plus infant sizes. It is best to assume that the costume is smaller than then usual sizes you buy for your kids. It is always easier to deal with a costume that is a little too big than a costume that won't fit at all.

The most basic Green Lantern costume features a turtle-necked version of the iconic costume. It does not come with a ring or mask, but those are easily purchased online for just a few dollars more. Be sure to have some warm underclothes available to keep your little JLA member comfortable during the chilly October nights.

Green Lantern Muscle Costume
Green Lantern Muscle Costume

Green Lantern Muscle Costumes

If your kid doesn't want to just wear a heroic costume but strike a heroic profile as well, consider upgrading from the standard Green Lantern costume to a Green Lantern Muscle costume.  This is a great Children's Green Lantern costume because it can really help a kid get into another persona.  These outfits are similarly sized to the standard, so be sure to consider ordering a bit larger.

Also like the standard costume, they don't come with masks or any other accessories.  This is fine if your Green Lantern Corps poozer wants to keep his identity public, but if he wants the full experience be sure to pick up a simple mask and ring to make the effect complete.  Don't wait too long to order, though. Although there are more available than the standard, slim costume, these will likely require extra time to ship.


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