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Sony Playstation: Ten Reasons To Own A Playstation 3

Updated on July 17, 2014

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Top Ten Reasons To Own A Playstation 3 Console

Games today are really good, especially playstation games, they have come a long way since the days of pac-man and mario, the graphics are incredible and the games are engrossing to such a degree that hours can pass playing games and before you know it, full days have passed and your electricity bill is huge.

But for those of us who are addicted to the world of computers always settle for one console over another, so playstation 3's are my choice of console and what follows are the top ten reasons why I think that you yourself should own a playstation 3 for yourself.

They are great for gaming and pretty much any other media use such as watching tv, listening to music and more, read on to find out more...

High Definition Or HD

HD is the buzz word of late, with films and tv, now games have gotten in on the high definition format, because the playstation games are created on a blu-ray format, the disks themselves can store far more and have a high resolution for graphics and video, the sound quality may also be increased adding a further dimension to your gaming experience through high definition.

Connect To The Playstation Network

You can connect to the playstation network if you are online, most consoles now are able to connect to the internet for online gaming, so that you can play with other gamers all around the world, this works especially well with other online games that are also built by other gamers which means an online world that grows everyday with various expansions, a good example could be Warcraft were gamers that might be advanced in the area of game creation might develop and add new parts to the existing virtual world making it more expansive.

Also by reaching the playstation network you can also keep in touch with friends and use the usual web tools such as text messaging and video enabled chat if you have the right accessories.

Play Music On Your Console

While this is nothing new as going back to the old playstation consoles you could play cd's on them back then, but with the playstation 3 you can play cd's and even downloaded music that you have stored elsewhere, you can view the music tracks on your tv in the form of a menu as before.

So if you get bored of playing games for awhile just listen to some music.

Watch Dvd's With Your PS3 Console

Following on from being able to play your favorite cd's, you can also watch dvd's on your console, which is something that sony playstations rival the Xbox can also do, you can watch HD blu-ray discs for improved movie viewing or any dvd region type usually. So it replaces the need for a dvd player and presents you with multiple home functions.

Playstation 3 Game Controllers Available On Amazon

The PS3 Game Controller

The playstation 3 games controllers are far better than previous versions of game pads and controllers, as this one is a wireless enabled one that is also movement and tilt sensitive, which means you move your controller around to control onscreen characters and players.

Plus if you are a complete lazy person, then you can switch your games console on or off at the touch of a button on your controller without getting up out of your chair, something that playstation gamers have requested for years!

Digital Photo Storage

You can store all of your digital photos on your PS3 console, as the size of the console hard drive is huge you could potentially store thousands of your own images, you can view all of your photos on your tv in menu format and again if you are online then you can email your selected photos to family and friends.

PSP Link Ups

If you have a portable playstation (psp), then you can link that up to your playstation 3 console for an added gaming experience, on some games extra parts are added if you have the psp to extend the game wih a few new levels or two, this is something that the Nintendo DS has tried to do as did the Nintendo Game Boy in the past.

Plus you can also access files through your PS3 system such as video and music.

Home PC Networking

 The ability to connect up your PS3 to a home pc or laptop is very useful for file sharing and adding more to your gaming experiences online and on your own gaming, plus the added connection of console to home computer aids the speed of graphics on most high grade laptops and computers and file sharing of certain files becomes that much easier for your gaming and entertainment needs.

Surfing The Internet

As mentioned before if you are connected to the internet, ther are lots of cool things you can do such as play online games and all that, but also you can simply browse the internet too through your home tv set.

The way that Sony have integrated all of these features are so that it creates a console that can be multi functional for most uses in the home, all that it can't do is microwave cook your dinner or heat a light snack.

Playstation 3

The Standard Black Console can also come in silver!
The Standard Black Console can also come in silver!

Watch TV Too

With the online revolution in terms of tv on demand, Sony have responded to this so that you can watch tv and actually record digital tv programs, this is a feature that I could see improving in time to include more useful features on the PS3 platform.

All in all these are the top ten reasons why I would recommend anyone to buy a Playstation 3, for these reasons alone you are investing in a multi-functioning media kit capable of functioning many uses in the home that we use other electrical machines for such as dvd player and cd players.

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Playstation 3 Console Reasons To Own One

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    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      I love GTA 5

    • Ironman1992 profile image


      8 years ago

      The PS3 has many great games like Unhcarted 2.


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