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Cheap Tokidoki Toys and Stickers for Sale

Updated on March 20, 2011


The word 'tokidoki' is a Japanese word that means 'sometimes.' Simone Legno named her website and personal diary 'tokidoki' as a means that everyone waits for moments to change one's destiny, meet someone new, or for something magical to happen, and sometimes it happens. Sometimes it doesn't.

Sometimes is a powerful word if you really think about it, and Legno uses 'tokidoki' as a means of interpretation of life and emotions. The website was once an online diary, or blog, used to express emotions, world interpretations, and various drawings and art. Now, it's geared at selling the famous tokidoki characters on apparel, watches, purses, bags, wallets, toys, and so much more.

Tokidoki is a popular brand among anime lovers, but personally, I just like the characters because they're cute. I'm not a big anime cartoon watcher or anime comic reader, but these characters grab at my heart and soul. I know that sounds cheesy, but look at Mozzarella and his Moofia gang; they look like they're about to take on the world's cattle industry by storm.

I don't know if Legno is trying to spread a message via his characters, themes, and designs, but to me they are a sarcastic tone toward life and the world. ... And, they're just cute.

There are tons of different shirt, bag, and accessory designs that are released with each new season, but what stays about the same are the toys and stickers.

The characters stay about the same, although every now and then Legno will design something new and create a new character to go along with the new patterns and designs.

For the most part, though, the characters will be about the same each season.

The tokidoki characters include:

  • Cocommando

Which includes Captain Coco, Coco Bella, and Grannaple

  • Cactus Friends

Which includes Rocketeer, Polpettina, Bastardino, Sabochan, DUSTy, SANDy, Cactus Rocker, Porcino, Bruttino, Carina, and the Cactus Pups

  • Moofia Gang

Which includes Mozzarella, Buletto, Bibekum, Latte, Soya, Mou Mou, Milk, Miruku, Choco, and Leche

  • 'Til Death do Us Part

Which includes Adios, Ciao Ciao, Skeletrina, and Skeletrino

  • Wild Boys

Which includes the yellow, white, orange, and pink tiger

Anyway, since you know the characters, check out the toys, stickers, decals, keychains, frenzies, and other toys. There's a huge assortment listed below at cheap prices found on eBay.

Buying Tokidoki Toys Online

You may find that some of the tokidoki toys are a little expensive when purchased on the official tokidoki website, but when compared to some of the other products available, they're not priced that bad.

When buying toys online, you'll want to make sure that you check any age requirements for potential safety hazards. Also, consider whether the product is new or used (if you have a preference).

And, check to verity authenticity. Some companies and makers, especially in Thailand, try to replicate the tokidoki qee characters, so you want to check to verify that the toys are authentic. The fake tokidoki toys may have incorrect markings, coloring, or overall appearances.

There are both vinyl and plush tokidoki toys available in the popular tokidoki characters.

tokidoki Mints

For about $5, you can buy a cool mint container. These mirror mint containers feature some of the popular tokidoki characters, ranging from the Moofia gang, Cactus Friends, Mozzarella, and SANDy.

The mints are a peppermint-flavor that contain sorbitol, caclium stearate, peppermint oil, menthol, sucralos, and confectioners' glaze (a SPLENDA blend). The mints are sugar free.

The mirror mints are a popular choice, as they come in a small tin that can easily be stashed in a pocket or purse, when needed. They even have a small mirror inside so that you can check yourself as needed wherever you are.

Stuffed Tokidoki Toys

You've seen the vinyl tokidoki toys, but what about the plush toys? These stuffed toys are not really geared toward children, as they may have small parts that could pose a choking hazard. If you're able to supervise or remove the parts, you'll find children will love these stuffed animals, but otherwise, these are fun toys that everyone loves.

The more popular plush tokidoki toys include Mozzarella, Adios, Ciao Ciao, and SANDy. You can find plush Hello Kitty tokidoki toys, as well, most of which will have a cactus friends costume on, so to speak.

The plush tokidoki characters range on average 9", but there are some smaller stuffed tokidoki toys averaging between 4 to 5".

Tokidoki Characters

Click thumbnail to view full-size
MoofiaWild Boys SANDy, Bastardino, and SabochanCactus PupsSabochan Cactus FriendBruttino Cactus FriendBastardino Cactus FriendMozzarella Moofia Leche MoofiaBuletto MoofiaBearbrickCaptain Coco CocommandoCiao CiaoAdios
Wild Boys
Wild Boys
SANDy, Bastardino, and Sabochan
SANDy, Bastardino, and Sabochan
Cactus Pups
Cactus Pups
Sabochan Cactus Friend
Sabochan Cactus Friend
Bruttino Cactus Friend
Bruttino Cactus Friend
Bastardino Cactus Friend
Bastardino Cactus Friend
Mozzarella Moofia
Mozzarella Moofia
Leche Moofia
Leche Moofia
Buletto Moofia
Buletto Moofia
Captain Coco Cocommando
Captain Coco Cocommando
Ciao Ciao
Ciao Ciao


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