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Cheap Tokidoki Purses and Bags for Sale

Updated on March 20, 2011


In Japanese, Tokidoki means 'sometimes.' The company was named 'Tokidoki' because everyone waits for moments to change one's destiny and a chance of meeting a new person, and sometimes it happens.

The company started as a personal website, a sort of online diary and portfolio to display Simone Legno's art and emotions.

But, after meeting with the co-founder of Hard Candy Cosemetics, Legno has branched out and has created a great brand for everyone to share. This unique interpretation of the world is a huge brand of purses, bags, accessories, toys, and other things.

His characters include Cocommando, Cactus Friends, Moofia, 'Til Death Do Us Part, and Wild Boys. Each character group has between 4 to 11 characters, each with their own names and personalities.

You can see the Tokidoki characters on all of the products that Legno creates and produces. There are different lines and designs that you can purchase the products in, and the lines are always changing. Some of the product lines and designs may include solid colors with a little design, whereas others may include bright and colorful designs full of characters.

The products are a little pricey if purchased directly from Legno's website, so if you don't want to support this entrepreneur by purchasing straight from him, you can still support him and purchase from ebay where you can find cheap Tokidoki purses and bags.

Buy Tokidoki Purses Online

If you're not anywhere around a Tokidoki store, buying online is the next best thing. Legno has plenty of options on her website, but the prices are a little high. I mean, I purchased a cosmetic handbag for $33, which was on sale from $48 (the pattern- Cartolina Print- had been discontinued). The small cosmetic hand bag measures just 4x6x2" and has a flap with a velcro closure, interior mirror on the flap, a champagne finish on the hardware, leather accents, and a signature tokidoki charm. To me $48 is rather steep for such a bag, but being on sale for $33 I went ahead and bought it.

I will admit this is my first toki doki bag, and I love the overall design and make of it. I can definitely see myself buying more of their products, bu more than likely, I won't purchase unless there is a sale, a discontinued line, or if I'm buying on eBay.

When buying on eBay, you can find new toki doki purses and bags. I'm not sure who would just buy the bag at full price and throw it on eBay for cheaper, but hey, their loss is someone else's gain (and let that someone else be YOU).

When buying online, you can find tokidoki bags and purses for pretty cheap. You will be able to find nearly all of the new and discontinued lines and patterns. You will be able to find basic tokidoki purses, hand bags, totes, fanny bags, cosmetic bags, coin purses, duffel bags, and more.

Popular tokidoki purses on eBay include the tokidoki Zucca bags and the tokidoki LeSportsac purses.

Buy the toki doki bags online, as it's so much more convenient than running out to the store and buying the newest purses and bags. Plus, you can buy tokidoki purses for cheap.

Make Sure It's an Authentic Tokidoki Bag

When buying a tokidoki online, you want to make sure that the bag is not a knockoff, but an authentic tokidoki product. Look for the Wee, which is a small tokidoki toy or charm that will be attached to the bag; because it's difficult to duplicate the charm, you'll know the handbag is an authentic tokidoki product when it has a Qee. Sometimes, you may get a newer Qee on an older bag, which is a sign of a fake.

Also watch the price. Even though the brand is a little pricey to begin with, when you find items that are really inexpensive, you want to be leery of the authenticity, especially if it is described as a new product.

Also, keep in mind that if your bag says "made in USA," it's a fake, as all authentic tokidoki bags are made in China.

Make sure to weed out the irresponsible sellers that may post pictures of the authentic tokidoki bag, but may ship your something else. This is where eBay is a good place to buy, as eBay will always back up their customer. If you buy a fake tokidoki handbag on eBay that was represented as authentic, contact eBay customer service after contacting the seller.

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Tokidoki Store Locations

United States:

Tokidoki Capsule Store
176 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012

Tokidoki Store Hours

Mon-Sat: 11am - 7pm
Sun: 12pm - 6pm

Tokidoki Melrose Store
7965 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Other locations include international tokidoki stores in Australia (25 stores), Brazil (1 store), Canada (27 stores), Israel (1 store), Italy (1 store), New Caledonia (1 store), and New Zealand (4 stores).

Toki Doki at Sephora Commercial


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