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Cheap Tokidoki Hats for Sale

Updated on September 2, 2010


Tokidoki is a popular brand of apparel, accessories, toys, and stickers. The brand features Japanese- style characters and designs that Simone Legno designs and creates from his own perception of the world.

Legno tends to take his own ideas and blends them with current popular trends, such as with Marvel comics and Hello Kitty, which are two of his most popular lines of patterns. Although, personally, I'm more of a fan to his own creations and creatures.

But, anyway, Legno designs outlandish designs and patterns that cover bags, purses, wallets, shirts, hats, jewelry, and more. He even has her characters made into little collectors toys. His website started as a personal blogging diary, and as now turned into a business with plenty of sources of revenue.

The prices are a little expensive, but if you find a great deal on eBay or even on discontinued print lines on the official website, you better grab them up before someone else does. You won't believe how popular tokidoki really is. I mean, I've fairly new to the line, but I'm hooked, as the designs are so different than I'm used to and what my friends like. (I love to be different, and for me this is a great means to do so.)

The one thing I haven't brought myself to buy is a hat. I'm just not a big hat person, but I love the designs on them. To me, they're sort of a sarcastic look on today's society. I mean come on! Captain America is serving fast food, Cyclops is cooking some meat, and Wolverine is eating a steak. Anyway, if you're going to buy a cool tokidoki hat, check out some of the matching shirts, or just wear it as is.

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Buy Tokidoki Hats Online

When buying a hat online, you want to check for the appropriate size, especially the hat will be worn. The tokidoki hats come in sizes: 7-1/8, 7, 7-1/2, 7-1/4, 7-3/8, 7-5/8, 8, and one size fits all. Depending on the particular hat, you'll find out whether it comes in a particular size or in a universal fit.

The tokidoki hats have a graphic design on the front, and a printed bill. You know an authentic tokidoki hat, when it has the embroidery design and matching printed bill.

The bills will have the matching printed material on the under side.

The average price for a toki doki hat is between $28 and $35, which isn't that bad for such a quality hat. But, you will find that most people don't wear these hats as every day hats, as they are priced higher than a plain hat from Wal*Mart that you don't care if it falls in the river or mud.

When buying a hat online, you want to make sure that you check for the price, the sellers overall reputation, and and keys that may point that the hat is counterfeit. For the most part though, there aren't any fake tokidoki hats available that I've seen or heard of, so you shouldn't have a problem finding an authentic tokidoki hat, and as for price, you can window shop for the best prices. eBay is probably the best source of the cheapest tokidoki hats.

Also, consider the design, there are Marvel hats, Hello Kitty hats, I <love> NY, I <love? LA, and the signature tokidoki hats.

All of the different hats feature the classic design of Simone Legno, and you'll find that these hats will make good collectors items for hat collectors, tokidoki collectors, Marvel comic collectors, etc. You can easily stock up on these hats and add to your collection, as they are not mass produced like many other hats.

When buying hats online, always read the fine print. If you purchase on eBay, you should be assured that if the seller cannot correct any problems, eBay will do their best at helping you out, especially if the item was misrepresented.

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Captain AmericaSpider ManIron Manthe HulkWolverine
Captain America
Captain America
Spider Man
Spider Man
Iron Man
Iron Man
the Hulk
the Hulk


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