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Cheap Womens Tokidoki Shirts for Sale

Updated on March 20, 2011


Tokidoki is a brand name that means 'sometimes' in Japanese. The company started as a personal online blog and diary, which let Simone Legno relieve his emotions and share her funky art. But, after Hard Candy Cosemetics found her, the website grew.

Legno now creates his line of shirts, purses, wallets, toys, accessories, and other apparel and products. He designs mens, womens, and baby apparel, but the most popular is going to be the woman's shirts.

The woman's tokidoki shirts come in such a variety that it can be hard to pick just one or two. I have the problem of picking my favorite tokidoki shirts because they're all so cute and different. The problem that I have is not in design but price. The tokidoki line of shirts is a little expensive, with the average shirt being at least $25. Legno definitely gets his money from the apparel.

When choosing which shirts I want with each shopping spree I go on, I have to set a limit that I allow myself to spend, otherwise I tend put one of nearly everything that I don't already have in my closet.

I try to set a limit of a mere $100, which typically gets me two to four shirts, all depending on the design and style of the shirt. I've found some of the tank tops are a little cheaper ranging from about $10 to $30, whereas some of the tokidoki t-shirts may range from $24 up to $48 or more. Most of the jackets or sweaters are typically around $66 to $92. Some of my favorite styles of tokidoki shirts are the twist back tops, which look like a t-shirt in the front but have a tank top- type back.

When shopping for womens tokidoki shirts, pick out your top favorites of the new line, and save the rest for next time. If you buy everything at once, you'll end up spending a load of money, and when the next season's apparel comes out, you have to buy a whole new wardrobe.

If you want to save a little money, you can easily buy lightly worn shirts on eBay, although you won't find many available. For the most part, when you spend $25 or more on a shirt, you want to wear it till the seams fall out, so in most cases, you won't find many used tokidoki shirts available.

Ebay does offer many new and older styles of shirts and tank tops that you can buy. Some of the sellers offer slightly discounted prices, and others price the apparel around what Legno prices them on the official tokidoki website. Just shop around, though, and you may find the perfect deal that you've been waiting on.

Cheap Tokidoki Shirts

When shopping for Toki Doki shirts, you'll find they're pretty expensive for a t-shirt. I've mentioned that they're generally around $25 to $48 for a shirt, but if you shop around, you can find a good deal.

  • Try buying from the same seller so that you can combine shipping costs.
  • Look for lightly used shirts.
  • Find older seasons shirts that may be discontinued because a new season is available.

When shopping for tokidoki shirts, consider the different lines that Legno has created. You'll find that the Hello Kitty Tokidoki shirt is probably one of the more popular lines of shirts; there are tons of different options available, which is why they're one of the more popular shirts. There's also a Marvel line where Legno has blended the Marvel comic characters with her own twist; you'll find Captain America, Thor, Spider Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, as well as a few others.

Shopping around for the best deal, you'll be able to save the most money, but if all else fails, just check out the official Tokidoki website for the most current line of available apparel.

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