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Top Best Selling Computer Games Of All Time

Updated on July 17, 2011

I have been a Gamer for nearly 30 years now and things have evolved somewhat since the early days of playing on spectrum and commodore machines,but what has surprised me is that if you take a look at the best selling games ever,it seems a lot of your favourite games will be on that list.What I'm going to do in this hub is let you in on the best selling computer games ever made and show you some videos to go with them so you can reminisce about playing them in your childhood,Some are quite obvious and others are a complete shock but most importantly of all they were all brilliant games for one reason or another and all warrant you playing them at least once in your life,in fact there are a couple of games on this list that i haven't played and will certainly be trying to get my hands on.

The list below is compiled using the sales figures of each game,not how popular it was but how many units it shifted.They may not all be to your liking but there are some really good games on there that deserve there place.I have played all bar 3 on this list and loved them all,i will let you know which ones i have yet to play later.

15:Gears Of War 1 + 2

I loved the first and really loved the second,whats not too love running round shooting brutes with huge machine guns with chainsaws on the end of them.Basically it all goes down on a fictional planet in a battle between the humans and a load of creatures called the locusts.It was loved for its great single player campaign and brilliant multi-player online gameplay.The combination of covering and using the swinging action added a depth of realism to it.These two games sold about the same amount of copies when released in 2006 and 2008   5million copies each.


If you have read my other hub Best computer games of all time you will know about the popularity of pacman,and considering it was released at a time when computer games were not the force they are today its quite surprising that this little beauty in one single format sold  7million copies

13:Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

My personal favourite out of all the COD games,brilliant storyline and single player and online simply put is brilliant,good graphics and amazing multi-player action,this game even had its own red carpet release where lots of stars turned up,how can you not love it.On the xbox alone it sold  7.4million copies.

12:Halo 2

Released on the xbox in 2004 this was the follow up to the popular halo,with all new vehicles,graphics,maps and weapons it was anticipated for nearly 3 years from the original,it spawned a whole new generation of halo fans and some of them have not stopped playing halo since.You played a master chief going up against the might of the alien race known as the covenant.A great soundtrack added to the feeling of the game and there are rumours of a halo film in the offing.The game sold 8million copies

11:Halo 3

The first halo game to be released on the next generation xbox console that saw improved graphics,sound and multi-player action,it also concluded the storyline that had started in the first game all those years ago.Not only that but you could also create your own maps in this game which gave an added sense of game play to the user.1million people played halo3 online in the first day alone.It went on to sell 8.1 million copies

10:Gran Turismo Ps

This was a master stroke of genius, a car racing game using loads of real maufactures and over a hundred cars,this hadnt been heard of before,and it proved immensely popular,so limitless were your options when it came to tuning your car that there were two booklets that came with the game.I remember spending hours tinkering to beat my friend in a 1/4 mile race.Brilliant graphics for the time and what an amazing amount of hours could be gleaned from it.

It sold 10.85million copies

9:World Of Warcraft

Now i have never played this purely because i have never had a computer that doesn't get taken over for other uses such as face-book and stuff,also I'm not sure i want to pay a monthly subscription,but it does fascinate me,people have become so attached to this game that it has broken marriages,lost people jobs and in some instances led people to meet and become married.How bizarre.The game must be simply brilliant though how Else could you explain 11.5 million subscribers.

8:The Sims 2

Released in 2004 this game was simple,you controlled a character (sim) and you lived there life from birth upwards,controlled when they went to the toilet,showered,what job they had,how they styled their house etc,brilliantly simple yet dangerously addictive,i remember playing this for hours at a time.It was the first mass selling game,it sold 13million copies

7:The Sims

The first and perhaps best ground breaking game of the computer age.The same as the second in only that this sort of game hadn't been seen before and it dragged people in and got them addicted within hours.So popular was it that 7 expansion packs have been made since as well as 2 sequels.It sold 16million copies

6:Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Gta san andreas was a follow up to the hugely successful gta games,and the basic premise is a 3d open world game area where there is the main storyline involving drug dealing and car jacking and murder,as well as the sideline story's and the ability to do anything with your character including customisation,I think it is still one of the best gta's as it was set with a real gangster vibe and i loved the way you could go to the gym and beef your character up.What a game.It sold 17.3 million copies

5:Wii Fit

When the Nintendo wii was released everybody loved it but certainly couldn't envisage doing their daily exercise on a video game.That is what happened though when Nintendo released wii fit which came with a balance board and the game which gave you lots of different exercises to do.People who didn't want to go to the gym but loved working out from home raved about the game as it gave them targets to hit and lots of variety.It really worked to,lots of people got fit and lost weight.It sold 22.6million copies


Released on the Nintendo ds this popular little game is basically a real time pet simulation game,not too my taste at all although i know of several people who own the game,you have to teach your dog tricks and feed it as well as love and nurture the dog.It sold 23.26million copies


Who hasn't played this eh?on your computer or ds or even your phone,come on,bored at work and you have tetris on your phone of course your going to play it.First created in 1984 it is basically a puzzle game where different shapes fall from the top of the screen and you have to determine what way you are going to face them to create a full line at the bottom.simple yet so addictive.It has sold 35million copies.

2:Super Mario Bros

You thought that you had escaped the little italian plumber with the moustache hadnt you,well know here he is in his original adventures.It is a platform game developed by nintendo in 1985 and involved the little itallian plumber and some of his family as they get into all sorts of mischief.This was the best selling video game for over 20 years until it was beat by our number one in 2009.This little beauty has sold 40million copies

1:Wii Sports

That's right the good old people over at Nintendo released the wii and with it came wii sports not only that but you could buy it separately as well,a simple game involving 5 sports that you could play with your mates and your motion controlled sensors.In living rooms across the world people were standing up for the first time in front of their TVs while playing bowling or golf or tennis,an amazing game that captured the hearts of young and old,even the elderly were playing.It has so far sold 66million copies


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    • StevoBLS profile image

      StevoBLS 7 years ago from Northern Ireland

      PS3 gamer myself, ya need to make an updated list dude but this one is impressive and extensive

    • jeremysharon profile image

      jeremysharon 7 years ago

      Gear of Wars I and II made me crazy superb game and gameplay.

      Pac man is the game which i played bt i had never win the game.

      COD Modern Warfare I, II and III are superb.

      and Counter Strike is also one of the best selling game all over the world.

      and Wii games are incredible.

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Amazing list. I love gears of war and am waiting for gears 3 next year!

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      im a 360 guy myself,would love to have a study and a comfortable leather chair and a high end gaming pc though,would probably end in divorce!!!.lol

    • Webskitzo profile image

      Webskitzo 7 years ago from Kelowna, BC

      Good list, I didn't even think about Wii Sports games as a contender...shows how much of a PC guy I am haha

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      ur welcome,never played bloodlines and im a big rpg fan!!

    • profile image

      mtsi1098 7 years ago

      Impressive list and just last night I was reading an article on 25 years of gaming...Who did not like Pac-Man but the Wii games are fantastic (my favorite was Shaun White snowboarding and now it is NHL Slapshot) but the best RPG I ever played was Bloodlines for the PC...thanks for a great list