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Vtech electronic hand held toys and games for preschool toddlers boys and girls, Mobigo, Storio and V-Smile Motion

Updated on February 6, 2014

What is Vtech

Vtech is a company which makes electronic toys for children of all ages, starting from birth then through preschool age and into junior school age.

The Vtech toys tend to be brightly coloured so as to attract the child's attention and keep it. The graphics and sound are clear and easily heard. Vtech are very good at mimicking adult technology, for example we have the ipad, Vtech children have the Innotab. Keep reading for a more detailed description of some of the Vtech toys available.

Vtech toys

The Vtech Mobigo
The Vtech Mobigo

The Vtech Mobigo 2

The Mobigo is a hand held toy designed by Vtech to be much like the Nintendo DS only designed for children aged from 3-8. Mobigo is an electronic hand-held learning device. Unlike many hand-held devices for children, the Mobigo has a built in keyboard which is revealed when you slide the screen upwards.The newer mobigo

Helping to teach your child their alphabet by identifying the different letters in the alphabet. It also helps them to identify numbers, asking them to account objects and select the relevant number.

Other life skills it helps to teach are identifying which object is heavier when looking at a set of scales. Are a group of objects more/less or equal to another group of objects. Some of the games also help your child's reflexes.

Games and Accessories for Mobigo

The Mobigo initially just comes with one game (at the moment that is Shrek, forever after). There are new games coming out all the time aimed at various age groups. Some are aimed at 3-5 and others 4-7. It is well worth doing your homework on the games before you buy as some of the games for older children maybe to advanced for younger children (it does come down to the individual child though).

If you use the Navigation Learning Centre which is free to download onto your computer once you have brought the Mobigo, there are free games which can be downloaded straight on Mobigo, usually 3 at a time. These can be downloaded as many times as you want, but if it does get a bit tedious doing it then you could always invest in a game storage card which will hold up to 30 downloaded games.

As the Mobigo runs using 4 batteries, you may find yourself replacing these every 3 weeks or so, so it is worth thinking of purchasing a mains adapter to save on those batteries. It is worth mentioning that the adapter compatible with other Vtech toys.

If your child can not bear to be without Mobigo then the best thing to purchase and invest in is a carry case.  These are Firm outers giving the protection needed if dropped and inside there is a hand zipped compartment to keep all your game cartridges.  

Vtech V-Smile Motion Learning Console

The V-Smile motion is a games console for young children aged 3+.  The controller gives them the option of using it as a motion device (that like the Nintendo Wii) or if you child can not grasp this concept then the good old joystick option is also there for backup.  

When you purchase the V-Smile it only comes with one controller, both of which are battery operated, but as with the Mobigo a mains adapter can be purchased for the console so as to save on batteries, although the hand-held controller will still require 4AA batteries.  A second controller can also be purchased and games can be played on a two player option.

The principle of the V-Smile Motion is the same as the Mobigo in that the games help teach your child numbers, letters, colours and help to improve there reflexes through play. 

There are many games available for the V-Smile Motion, some of which are based on children's favourite tv characters Dora the explorer and Thomas the Tank engine.  

Vtech Storio

The Vtech Storio brings a new meaning to reading in the lives of children.  No longer will you have to fight about who is going to turn the paper pages as you explore this innovative new E-reader for children aged 3-7.

The Storio is touch screen with tabs at the sides to turn the pages.  It reads the stories aloud and encourages your child to read along helping them understand letters and vowels with the use of phonics.  

There are numerous stories available at reasonable prices and if your child becomes permanently attached then why not take a look at the carry case that is available.  


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    • nasus loops profile imageAUTHOR

      nasus loops 

      7 years ago from Fenland

      Hi Katie.

      Thanks for commenting on this hub. I have to agree, Vtech toys are very strong and durable. My son has dropped his Mobigo many times and still it lives on

    • katiem2 profile image


      7 years ago from I'm outta here

      Vtech toys are amazing and hold up through lots and lots of rough and tumble play. They are durable and teach kids such great skills giving them an edge on development and learning. Great products for preschool and kindergarten age. Katie


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