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Playmobil toys for girls. Dollhouse, school, hospital and magic castle.

Updated on August 20, 2013

Playmobil for girls

Playmobil toys are great for girls as much as for boys.  Although the younger stage of playmobil (123) is aimed more at the farm life (which is more of a boy thing generally) there is still much  within the Playmobil range for the older girl.  Girls in general like playing with dolls houses and magical castles as well as using their imaginations within school settings or playing doctors and nurses in a hospital settings.  

Playmobil allows children aged 4+ to explore their imagination within all these worlds of play, and although it states 4+ many of the play sets are suitable for younger children as long as you remove the much smaller parts.  It also depends very much on your child, as children as old as 5 have been known to put things in their mouths, whereas younger children of 3 have been known to put anything in their mouths, so it does depend on the individual child as well.

Playmobil Grand Mansion

Playmobil Dollhouse

The Playmobil dollhouse, although is actually called the Grande Mansion states that it is suitable for children aged 4+.  The mansion starts out as a three storey building including figures and encourages your child to use their imagination as they explore this world of play.  

Various accessories can be purchased to add to the Grande Mansion to increase its size as well as its capacity for fun.  To start with your child may wish to have a staircase so that the figures can climb the stairs to get from floor to floor.  Room furniture for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and children's bedroom can all be purchased, and when the Mansion is full an extension floor kit can be purchased to give it another floor making it four storeys high, Grande by anybodies standards!

Playmobil Hospital

Now over the years I have not come across any little girl, including myself that has not wanted to play doctors and nurses at some point.  The Playmobil Hospital now allows your child to enjoy the wonderful world of a hospital and everything inside, allowing their imaginations to run wild.  

One of the great parts of this hospital is that you can purchase a paediatricians room with child and consultant paediatric surgeon, which if you child is undergoing treatment this will allow them to re-enact their hospital visits, perhaps helping them get to grips with what lies ahead maybe. 

You will find the two storey hospital state of the art, with wards, operating rooms, dental areas as well as the vending machines and all the little accessories that you find in a hospital such as wheelchairs and all the emergency vehicles that go with a hospital. 

Playmobil school

School is an important part of any child's life, and the Playmobil school allows your child's imagination to explore this world is great detail.  The school is a two storey building with classrooms and everything you would find in a school really.  If your child enjoys Physical Education (PE) then why not look at purchasing the gym which has everything from basketball hoops to the gym rings and climbing frame.

You can purchase extra furniture for the school including the cafeteria, school band, woodwork class and the school crossing guard (lollipop person).

Playmobil Magic Castle

The Playmobil Magic Castle is magical for any young girl, after all, all little girls love magical things don't though!

This magical castle allows your child to become a little princess or maybe a queen and run her own kingdom.  

Take along Playmobil toys

For every area of Playmobil, you will find a Take along version.  The Take along allows your child to take their favourite toy on holiday with them or just to a friends to play.

They have easy carry handles for little people so that they can carry it themselves (after all we know how independent children are these days don't we).  All of the accessories can be stored inside the case along with many extras that your child may wish to take as well.

Go on have some fun with Playmobil!!

The best reason to buy Playmobil for your child.

All children like to play, whether it be on there own or with a friend. It is this reason that makes Playmobil so good for children to play with. Any child can play with it from age 3-4 upwards, on there own or with their friends, You don't just have to have one item out, you can play with all of them together as all the figures are compatible with each other. For example you can have a school teacher driving the school bus or going for a ride in the holiday motor home. Children are free to use their imagination to the fullest.


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