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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: Day 4 Survivors

Updated on August 22, 2011
Well, we have to Tape It because they didn't Die!
Well, we have to Tape It because they didn't Die!

Chuck has done everything from proving his innocence, fighting off Psychopaths, and saving Survivors. Now we're at the home stretch and there's only a small handful of survivors left to save as we enter Day 4.

Lillian Payne and Camille Payne
Where: Roof, Fortune City Hotel
Time Start: Day 4, 2:00 AM
Time End: Day 4, 11:00 AM
Message: "Family Feud"

Lillian Payne is hanging over the edge of the roof of the Fortune City Hotel about to jump. She regrets getting separated from her mother and believes she is dead, so she doesn't want to leave. Talking to her reveals her mom went to the Atlantica Casino. Head back to Fortune Park and enter the Atlantica Casino.

Camille is standing in the pool by the large entrance sign. She is hard to miss. Talk to her and get her to join. Go all the way back to the Fortune City Hotel Roof and bring her to Lillian. They hug and talk to Lillian to get her to join. Bring them back to Royal Flush Plaza.

Drop them off at the Safe House

Fortune City Botany Club
Where: Safe House Cafeteria
Time Start: Day 4, 4:00 AM
Time End: Day 4, 12:00 PM
Message: "Fortune City Botany Club"

Vikki wants a favor. She is afraid a rare species of plant is going to be extinct from the Outbreak. She wants you to give her a Peace Art that uses the plant as a form of artwork.

If you don't have it already, you need to head to "The Cleroux Collection", 2F Palisades Mall. Two Peace Art are on the floor right inside the store.

Give it to her for a request fulfillment bonus.

This is the last request. There are no new survivors until after Zombrex 4 and the start of Case 6.

Wallace Hertzog/Johnny Kilpatrick/Gretchen Peregrine/Lance Williams
Where: 1F "Kokonutz Sports Town", Palisades Mall
Time Start: Day 4, 9:15 AM
Time End: Day 4, 5:15 PM
Message: "Tape It or Die!"

This message only unlocks if you have entered the Backroom of "Kokonutz Sports Town" on Day 3 and brought them the Cement Saw and Plates, otherwise it doesn't appear.

Bring at least one Queen in your inventory. When you arrive at the store, the four member of "Tape It or Die!" are fighting off a horde of zombies. Their original safe house was caught on fire and were forced out. Use the Queen to clear out the zombies. Talk to Wallace and Grecthen to have all four of them join.

Use the staircase inside "Kokonutz Sports Town" as it's zombie-free and bring them to the "Brand New U" Shortcut to get them back to the Safehouse.

Upon successful escort, Lance awards you with the "Blazing Aces" Combo Card and Wallace awards you the "Exsanguinator" Combo Card. However if you've rescued Rebecca before them, you get no Combo Cards or PP for their rescue.

If you're doing Case 6-3 and carrying Rebecca, you still get the rewards and supposedly there are no zombies surrounding them at the store. Haven't tested this yet, so don't read too deep into this.

Matthew Kuss and Michael Woo
Where: Center Fortune Park
Time Start: Day 4, 9:00 AM
Time End: Day 4, 6:00 PM
Message: None

These two soldiers are the only survivors of their unit after the failed rescue. They don't talk to you if you have guns in your inventory. Matthew needs assistance if you don't have the Leadership Magazine. Take them to the Royal Flush Plaza and drop them off to the Safe House.

These two are the last survivors in Fortune City. There are no new survivors past this point.


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