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Tomb Kings Magic spells an overview of in 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy battle

Updated on February 17, 2012

Lore attribute

One of the potentially battle winning benefits of Tomb King magic is the lore attribute, this allows any unit that has an augment spell cast on it to immediately gain D3+1 wounds worth of models. This is limited to a maximum of 1 wound per turn for models with the animated construct rule. This benefit is further enhanced as three of the lore spells that are augments cast be cast to affect an area around the caster meaning that all units in 12" or 24" (depending on the spell) will gain this benefit.

The lore attribute is not without its limitation though, Tomb Kings can no longer heal wounds to characters and badly damaged units will be difficult to top back up to full fighting strength if they have been severely damaged in the battle. Constructs are also limited to a maximum of 1 wound per round so if you have a lot casting the area effect augments with there higher casting values can be of limited use.

Tomb King Spells

As with all the new magic lore's there are seven lore spells and it is properly known as the Lore of Nehekara. The default lore spell allows a unit or units an additional move. Considering Tomb Kings cannot march this can be vital to get in to position quickly. In total the lore contains 4 augment spells, 2 hexes and 1 magical vortex spell. The Hierophant of the Tomb King army MUST take this lore so learning to use it effectively is vital for any Tomb King player in Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Each spell can be put to a number of units some making certain Tomb King units into much deadlier opponents whilst the effect on other units whilst still useful is not as effective

The spells in more depths

Each spell can be used on numerous units for different effects with different levels of efficiency below are links to a more in depth look at each spells

Incantation of the Desert Wind

Incantation of Protection

Incantation of Cursed Blades

Incantation of Righteous Smiting

Incantation of vengeance

Incantation of Desiccation

Incantation of the Skullstorm


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