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Waterslide Extreme Game App For iPhone & iPad - Tips, Hints, Cheats, High Scores

Updated on January 4, 2011

Waterslide Extreme is a game app for the iPhone and iPad. This game was brought out by Barclaycard last year and has been download by many people since release. If you are looking for tips, hints, cheats, high scores and fastest times then you have come to the right place. In this article we will review the game and then look at some helpful tips and hints to help you get a fast time and onto the leader boards.

Waterslide extreme is a free download on the app store. Although this is a good fun game it soon get’s a little repetitive and is not overly difficult. If you want to kill an hour though this can be a good fun game to download and enjoy for a while. Waterslide extreme is very easy to play and easy to get the hang of.

How To Play


When you open up the app you are taken to the main page. From here you can either play the game, read the instructions, view top scores or change one or two options. The instructions are pretty straight forward. There are nine levels on waterslide extreme, you must complete each one to move on to the next. To steer you simply tilt your iPhone from side to side. To break you can either tilt your iPhone backwards or press the onscreen break button.

As you shoot down the slide there are various items you will see. The little green diamonds are how you earn points, each one you collect you earn 50 points, if you get every diamond in the sequence you get a bonus of 150 points. If you hit the red arrows you get a boost of speed, this is vital in some parts of the slide. If you hit a crown you become invincible for 7 seconds. A heart gives you an extra life. You need to avoid both the crabs and the ducks as these will slow you right down. Other than that the game is pretty straight forward.

Top Of The Slide



When you play the game you can choose if you want to be male or female. Then you are placed at the top of the waterslide and given a countdown. Next you set off down the extreme waterslide. The graphics are not overly impressive and the sound quality is average. The levels are fairly easy to complete, the biggest challenge is getting as many diamonds as possible and completing each course in the fastest time. Your times are recorded and so are your scores, so you can work your way up the high scores page.

When you play waterslide extreme you start with three lives. You lose a life if you slip over the edge of the slide. This is quite easy to do on some of the corners so it does take a little bit of practice to get round some of the bends on waterslide extreme. If you play the game for about an hour, chances are you will complete it with out any problems. Although the game is good fun I think it could have been a fair bit better with a little more work.


Hints & Tips

When it comes to hints and tips for waterslide extreme there are a few we can look at. The first tip is to look ahead. If you are aiming to obtain as many diamonds as possible you really need to have the right line going into the corners. You can’t just weave all over the place at the last second, this will take you over the edge of the slide. Another hint is to avoid erratic movements, take it steady and don’t be afraid to break on some of the later levels.

On waterslide extreme it is crucial that you hit some of the speed arrows, otherwise you will not make it round the loops. If you want to get a waterslide extreme highscore you will really have to work hard and learn the courses and where all the diamonds are. The fastest times on waterslide extreme really are very fast and will take some beating. As of yet there don’t seem to be any waterslide extreme cheats available.

Overall this is a decent little game but not really anything overly special. It’s one of those that is very easy to get the hang of and good fun for a while. But sooner or later you will get bored of it. As it’s a free download though you really have nothing to lose by downloading waterslide extreme.


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    • JD Barlow profile image

      JD Barlow 6 years ago from Southeast US

      I enjoyed reading your hub, lots of good detailed instructions.