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Where Are Golden Eggs 20 & 21 On Angry Birds Located? The Answer!

Updated on March 24, 2011

In the recent Angry Birds new levels update they released the 20th and 21st golden eggs. If you are wondering where the angry birds golden eggs number 20 and number 21 are located then this article will give you the answer. We will also have a quick look at why the angry birds golden eggs are so important, give you advice on how to find all 21 golden eggs and also just quickly a have a look at a video of golden egg number 20 on angry birds.

Angry birds is without a doubt the most popular and most downloaded game on the iPhone. You can now play angry birds on android phones as well which has made it even more popular. There are many great features that make angry birds wonderful fun, in recent times they have brought out the mighty eagle, more new levels and more golden eggs. The golden eggs are a little bit of extra fun on the game. When you find a golden egg it reveals a new level that you can play. The golden egg levels are often very different and good fun to play.

Golden Egg 20 Walkthrough

Golden Egg Number 20


So no doubt you are wondering where the 20th angry birds golden egg location is. Well this is quite an easy one to find but as with most of the golden eggs you may need a little bit of help in getting it. So the 20th golden egg for angry birds is located on level 14-4. This is one of the new levels on the Ham Em’ High episodes. The level itself is not that difficult to complete and chances are if you are not looking for the golden egg, you will not find it on this level.

So where is it and then how do you find it. Well all you need to do is zoom right out on level 14-4. This is often a good way to find golden eggs as they can be revealed on a few other levels by simply zooming out. The golden egg on this level is located high in the top right hand corner. You do have to zoom along way out to see it as it is very high up.

Now the question is how do you get all the way up there and get hold of the 20th golden egg? Well there is a simple walkthrough video over on the right of the page. Or you can simply follow some instructions. With one of your yellow birds you need to fire it high and long. Tap the screen quite soon to get if flying high into the corner. You will find that you can’t get over the little triangular hump at the top of the screen, but you should be able to hit that bulge and bounce over it, thus collecting the 20th golden egg.

Number 21 Other Golden Eggs

To find golden egg number 21 it is quite simple.  You must complete all the levels on Ham Em High with three stars.  This will give you golden egg number 21, thus completing the set until the next angry birds update. 

The ultimate challenge on angry birds is to get three stars on all the levels. Many people play the game non stop trying to achieve this. But getting all 20 golden eggs is also a very impressive achievement. If you want a guide to finding the first 18 golden eggs then you can find that here. There is also a guide for locating the 19th golden egg here.

Angry Birds is a fantastic game. There is so much to enjoy when playing the game and so many great features that set this apart from any other iPhone games. The designers are constantly bringing out new levels and other updates to improve the game. If you have never played angry birds then you really are missing a treat. Get hold of this wonderful game and get searching for those elusive golden eggs.


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