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World Of Tanks Strategies

Updated on August 23, 2012

Hit Box/Weak spots

Tank skins can be downloaded to highlight the weak areas. It is probably better to know generally which areas to shoot at. My list is not comprehensive but does address the most problematic vehicles you will find. If you are having trouble penetrating a vehicle look at these areas.

vision slits




fuel storage

ammo storage

hull or turret one is usually weaker

side & rear shots are always recommended


American Heavies typically have strong turrets and weak hulls. The T29 has a weak spot on the turret the "Ears" of the radar. This is difficult to hit and near impossible if the driver wiggles the turret.

The T110E5 has strong frontal armour if possible hit from the sides. The Machine gun turret on the roof is a shot trap and can be hit from the front.

China the Type59 is a tough tank but can sometimes be one shotted by a side hit to the hull.


IS4 has a drivers vision slit in the middle front.

IS7 aim for the fuel tank on the rear of the right hand side

KV4 has a machine gun turret on the roof

KV5 has a machine gun turret at the front we refer to this notorious shot trap as R2D2


Anything based on a tiger hull is vulnerable to frontal hull shots just inside the tracks. Side & rear shots are always good policy with high tier German Heavies and TDs. German tanks also have a weakness in commanders vision port in the top of the turret.

Tiger P has 200 mil frontal hull armour. Aim for the turret if in front otherwise take side & rear shots.

The Lowe has a sweet spot on the right hand side of the front slightly to the left and down from the cross. If taking a side shot on a Lowe the rear quarter is weak.

E75 bounces most frontal shots. Aim for the commanders view ports at the top of the turret if you are up close & personal. If possible take a side shot preferably at the rear of the turret.

Maus is strong all over. A good policy is to track it & let arty do the rest. If front on aim for the "cheeks" of the turret. I have side shotted a maus using gold shells from my AMX 13/90.

E100 aim for the "cheeks" of the turret


Lower tier French tanks are slow & weak. Hit them anywhere.

High Tier French tanks are fast & weak. Track them & hit them anywhere just make sure you kill them before they do too much damage.

British Tanks

British Tanks are coming I will update for weak spots as soon as I can

Equipment and Consumables

Equipment When choosing equipment you need to consider what role you will be using the tank in. A sniping tank will have a higher need for camouflage and optics than a brawler. My suggested layouts are as follows.

Brawlers Gun Rammer, Improved Ventilation, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive

Tank Destroyer or Sniping Tank Camouflage Net, Gun Rammer, Binocular Telescope

Artillery Spall Liner, Gun Rammer, Camouflage Net

French Light/Medium from AMX12t up and French Heavy From AMX M4 up Improved Ventilation, Spall liner, Camouflage Net

Exceptions There may be tanks where you find you are getting ammo racked a lot. You may want to think about a Wet Ammo rack for these tanks. The Safe Stowage crew skill is another way to reduce ammo rack disasters.

Similarly if you are in a tank or TD which is an artillery magnet such as the Maus or T95 you might get a spall liner. If you like to ram a lot then the spall liner is for you.

The Toolbox is useful if you find yourself being tracked constantly out in the open.

Tank Tips

Earning Silver and Experience Points The best way to make silver and XP is to run premium tanks with a premium account. Tier 8 premium tanks such as the KV5, Type59, T34 and the Lowe if you can afford the outlay will earn the most.The game is designed so that you need a premium account to earn enough silver to keep your higher tier tanks running although there was some rebalancing in the 7.2 patch. Higher tier tanks will earn you more XP than lower Tier Tanks.The T50-2 and VK2801 can earn good XP by scouting and killing artillery they won't be so good at earning you silver.

Crew Skills

Crew Skills are being expanded in version 7.2

New poll featuring additional T10 tanks and TDs

Which is the best Tier 10 tank?

See results

What is the best tier 10 tank?

  • 30% T110E5
  • 16% E100
  • 14% Maus
  • 27% IS7
  • 3% AMX50B
  • 10% IS4
73 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

The Good The Bad & The Ugly

The tanks that you will love and hate and the ones that look like they were designed by a three year old.

Tier 1

Good France Renault FT17



Tier 2

Good Russia BT2

Bad Germany PanzerJaeger1

Ugly Germany Sturmpanzer Bison


Good USA M3 Stuart

Bad France D2

Ugly USSR SU-76

Tier 4

Good Germany Panzer III


Ugly USSR T-28

Tier 5

Good Russia T50-2

Bad France BDRG1B

Ugly France BDRG1B

Tier 6

Good USSR T-34-85

Bad Germany VK3001P

Ugly France ARL44 with prototype turret Tied KV2

Tier 7

Good USA T-29

Bad USSR KV-13

Ugly USSR Object 212

Tier 8

Good France AMX 50-100

Bad USA T32

Ugly USSR Object 261

Tier 9

Good Germany E-75

Bad USA Patton or should I say the worst of a good bunch

Ugly USA T95

Tier 10

Good USA T110E5

Bad USSR IS7 former star of clan wars is now second rate. The Maus also gets an honourable mention for being an arty magnet

Ugly Germany Maus

Coming Soon World of Warplanes

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