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Yugioh Dueling Tips- Having A Solid End Game

Updated on February 18, 2016

Dueling is the game!

Are you ready to play?
Are you ready to play?

An end game, you say?

The current world of yugioh dueling is brutal to say the least. It takes cunning skill drenched with in depth knowledge of the cards availlable for play. It takes strategic thought, ever anticipating your opponent's next move and having the right response to counter it. The duelist must be well versed in combat and be prepared to go card for card against the mighty foe. Sure all of that is great and well but really what you need is an efficient and effective end game strategy.

What you ask is an end game strategy. It is simply put as cards that allow you to turn a duel around in a matter of one play. Some of these end game cards let you stall out for better draws while others will destroy a foe in their tracks. End game cards are those beauties that grant you the chance to turn a bad dueling situation into a favorable one and potentially take the game.

Cylinder in action.

Magic Cylinder

Of all the trap cards in the wide world of yugioh madness none has managed to capture my appeal quite like Magic Cylinder. It is one of the most effective and end game quality cards in the entire yugiverse. I run three of them in every deck I play and the reason is simply because konami won't let me run 10!

Cylinder lets you negate an attack from your opponent and transfer that battle damage directly to their life points. Imagine you are reeling, ready to be defeated in an epic duel worthy of Yugi himself when your foe swings for the kill with ole Blue Eyes White Dragon. 3000 points of damage ready to put you in the losers bracket and your foe into the beautiful victory circle but wait you have a trap set. Could it be? YES! You reveal Magic Cylinder.

Now that whopping 3000 points of crippling damage has been reverted right to your opponent's life points and now they are feeling the sting of their own monster. You hit them right in the feels and they have entered the shadow realm of sadness. You are now the victor and reaping the spoils of war as your opponent second guesses swinging in with a trap set on the back row. Put the fear of the traps into them and that fear will remain.

I won't lie I have won many a duel with cylinder in the play. It makes it very easy to protect smaller monsters and to also buy you some time for a big play. In the video example you can see how cylinder keeps me in the game.

Swift Scarecrow

Highly effective!
Highly effective!

Swift Scarecrow

Nothing sucks more than having no monsters on field to defend your valuable life points and then being hit with a barrage of attacks from an opponents full field of beasties. It can be devastating to say the very least and can cause a player to have serious deck remorse. Not to mention it makes you feel like throwing your deck at the opponent and eating his best card.... Wait no one else has ever felt that way?

How can we remedy that deck remorse? Simple, find cards that end your opponents ability to go to the battle phase. Most players may go with the classic Battle Fader but Fader can be negated quickly and easily so why not go a little further and choose the Swift Scarecrow?

Scarecrow negates an attack and ends the battle phase. This can be one of the most valuable stall cards on the market and can really buy you some extra time to get a draw you need to make something happen. Not to mention the little devil is still pretty cheap.

Just picture running against a deck full of bad guy monsters all ready to eat your life points like Rosie O'donnel to a twinkie buffet. Bad, bad I tell you! You have no defense in place and it looks like you are going to get OTK'ed so fast even the noob in the corner is laughing as he counts his 60 card gagaga combined with fiends deck. Talk about a loss of all pride in the duel, but wait. There shining in your hand is the answer. You toss Swift Scarecrow to the grave and negate the attack and your opponent's battle phase is over.

You have bought some time and now your foe knows you are serious about getting this win.

Save The Day!


I know most people don't see this little bundle of fluff as much but in the right environment it can be one of the best cards to play against a strong field. When your opponent attacks this face down tasty treat they are hit with 1000 points of damage and to add some fun Marshmellon can not be destroyed by battle so in defense position he is an immovable wall of fluffy goodness. Talk about a smore that goes straight to your hips!

I have actually won duels by letting my opponent swing desperately into the little fellow and wham! 1000 points of damage and that's game. The real key to this badboy is to keep your opponent from getting an attack in. Set it and then work your draw power and set up the big plays while using this little fellow as a meat.... well, a sweet shield. Marshmellon is a great way to buy some time but also a very good way to force your opponent to focus their full attention on how to get rid of this pesky card.

In the sample video you will see how Marshmellon actually leads to the victory by not allowing my opponent an option to attack.

The Unexpected Ends Of The Game

While there are so many potential end game cards out there really any card that keeps your end game strategy in check is worth while. I use Magic Cylinder but other players may rely on cards like Dimensional Prison to banish an attacker. Some players go wild for Mirror Force which gets rid of an opponents monsters in attack position. It really depends on what it is your deck does that decides what end game cards you may want to run.

I like to see players who don't just use stall to stall. Delaying a loss is not the point of a good stall card, it is to delay a loss long enough for you to mount a new plan and get the victory yourself. Cards like Gravity Bind and Messenger of Peace are great examples of cards you can use to stall until your engine is working or until you can mount your own comeback.

It is vital to really look at what you hope to do with your deck. If you are all about the brute force of attacking you may not want to run Gravity Bind but if you are more or less into XYZ summoning and then going for the kill use it to keep your opponent from mounting an offense against you.

Raigeki to the rescue

The no penalty Dark Hole!
The no penalty Dark Hole!

The Ultimate- Raigeki

Dark Hole as always been a beastly spell card and can change a duel quickly but let's face it what good is destroying all your opponent's monsters if you have to kill yours as well. Raigeki is the answer! It destroys your opponent's monsters and leaves your little angels ready and primed for battle. Raigeki can turn a duel over in no time.

Recently at a local I was set and ready to kill off an opponent with my Nurse Reficule deck and wham Raigeki hits the field and now Marshmellon is sleeping with the fishes and guess who got hit with 7000 damage. Yep, I did. I had no clue Raigeki was coming but rest assured I felt it's sting like a bad seafood platter on a very busy night.

This card is one of those cards most of us wished would have stayed in the banned pile but regardless it has become a huge player in the game once more. Imagine a field of monsters staring down at you and your opponent smile that I just dropped you like a ton of bricks smile and from nowhere you toss raigeki into the field and down those fighting monsters go into the oblivion of uncertainty and you are ready to go in for the kill shot.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it, cards that give your end game some added boost and make your opponent wish he would have mained Dark Bribe! Happy Dueling.


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