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Yugioh Deck Profile- Watthunder

Updated on December 2, 2014

Watt Deck

This deck can win against most of the meta decks with ease.
This deck can win against most of the meta decks with ease.

Watt It Is!

In the ever growing and highly competitive world of yugioh the watts have proven rather effective. They are adorable little critters with a profound knack for attacking your opponent's life points directly regardless of what monster they have defending on the field. That makes them pretty lethal and it is safe to say I have been a watter for some time now. That being said however I did find the traditional lay out of the watts a little lacking in some respects. Sure getting the hopper lock in place and grinding away with watt chimera forcing the opponent to discard and draw the same card over and over again can be super fun, super effective and pretty damned epic it can also be highly situational. The deck fell short for me on consistency and the ability to deliver those really fierce hits that left my foes reeling.

In searching for a way to remedy these drawbacks I stumbled on the family of cards known as the hunders. Quaint little thunder cards with a special ability to give me an extra normal summon each turn. This wicked ability would allow me to bring out extra summons faster and with a lot more accuracy in the duel so I would be able to have that heavy hit capability I was lacking with traditional watts. With my old watt deck I relied very heavily on the direct attack of my watt creatures to get the job done and the protection of my back row. This deck more or less still utilizes that protective thick back row but now I am more focused on getting out some major players from the extra deck through special summons and letting them do the brunt of my battle activities. Don't get me wrong I will still scrap with the watts when it can be beneficial but sometimes you risk a lot to do a little so it is more vital to not take that chance.

Let's break down the main deck.


2 Thunder Sea Horse, 2 Vylon Prism, 2 Watt Pheasant, 1 Honest, 3 MaHunder, 3 PaHunder, 3 Watt Giraffes, 3 Watt Cobra,


1 Raigeki, 2 Recycling Batteries, 2 Mystical Space Typhoons


1 Bottomless Trap Hole, 2 Dark Bribes, 2 Call of the Haunted, 3 Lumenize, 2 Mirror Force, 3 Solar Ray, 3 Magic Cylinder, 2 Dimensional Prison

This Deck Profiled

The Breakdown

I am sure you have noticed I play a lot of traps. I prefer a very trap heavy style of play and when using monsters with such low attacks you really have to have a solid back row defense in place. Even my old go to deck, Interplanetary Blue Eyes was very reliant on trap cards to make the deck function. One question that often arises with this deck is why I do not play draw power cards. It has become almost a mainstay to see pot of duality and reckless greed ran in nearly every deck hitting the yugioh scene in today's game but for me I felt each card in this deck kind of compliments each other enough to avoid having to use a card space for a draw power card.

I do run 42 cards in this particular deck which is odd for two reasons. The first being most players try to stay right at 40 cards and the second is I usually stay at 45. I felt 42 was more consistent with this card line up and allowed me a little more option wise for my strategic placement and attack options in the long run. It gives me just enough cards without any excess baggage and without the threat of not having what I need at my disposal.

The main aspect of this deck is to get monsters out quick, fast, and in a hurry to make those special summons and to activate solar ray for major damage. Heavy focus is placed on our extra deck but I do have fail safes in place to protect in the event I am not able to pull those out as quickly as I would like to. With a traditional watt deck you would run wattcine for replenishing life points and obviously I don't have that here so I have replaced that with a valuable boss card in the extra deck we will discuss further on later called Thought Ruler Archfiend. Another big change to this deck as opposed to the traditional watt deck is the loss of the hopper lock. This may trouble some but once again in today's game the lock system is getting easier and easier to play over so it really is not as much a loss as one might think.

So yugi fans let's explore this deck a little deeper!

This Deck In Action

Often overlooked!

Pheasant is a beast that can do major damage if used right!
Pheasant is a beast that can do major damage if used right!

The Monsters

So let's check my little army out shall we, and see what each critter brings to the fray!

Thunder sea horse is a great card and usually you will see players running three but I think two is sufficient, especially when you run recycling batteries to pull it back to the hand. Sea horse can be discarded to the grave from the hand and this will allow you to seek out 2 level 4 thunder creatures with the same name who have less than 1600 attack and add them to your hand. The only real draw back is you can not special summon the turn you activate this effect. This is still great for getting hunders for the hunder engine or gaining access to a watt pheasant or even a prism for a future synchro summon.

Vylon Prism is our level four tuner but it also offers us a great attribute from beyond the grave, kind of like Michael Jackson, well maybe not but still just as effective in striking fear into the hearts of the young duelist. Pay 500 life and one of your monsters gains 1000 damage after the damage step. Talk about a way to beef up those direct attacks from our watt creatures. I run two of these and will usually pull them out frequently with batteries if the need be.

I run 3 watt giraffe which is the signature boss card of the traditional watt deck. It gets to attack directly for 1200 damage but what really makes it a threat is that is can negate any future use of traps and spells for the remainder of the turn it connected with an attack. The cool part here is if we have a high hitter on the field like archfiend and our opponent is sitting on a magic cylinder they will be saving that for our archfiend but if they don't use it on giraffe they won't be able to activate it for the rest of the turn meaning archfiend will get to attack.

I run three wattcobras. Cobra will get 1000 direct attack off but the cool aspect here is when the damage connects you get to search out and add one watt monster from your deck to your hand. This is great to get a giraffe or pheasant in hand for future strategy. While pheasant has kind of lost favor I still run two. 1000 points of direct damage and the ability to banish a face up monster until the end phase make this a great card for two reasons. First when you banish an XYZ monster it comes back after the end phase with no material. Talk about a good way to neutralize Big Eye or Draco! The other cool use is if you have your light attackers on field and can't get over an opponents heavy hitter you can use pheasant to banish it and than go in for attacks with light hit monsters. This is a very effective and useful card to have.

I run three PaHunder. Pa let's me gain an extra normal summon each turn. I run three MaHunder as well which gives me the same attribute. This makes it very easy to go into my extra deck for special summons. The only catch is Pa can not summon Pa and Ma can not summon Ma but they can work to summon each other so I could use Pa to summon a Ma and use that Ma to summon another Pa and so fourth. This also allows me to stack the field with light monsters to make solar ray extra ballsy and do major mass damage each time I choose to play it.

My last monster is the light deck staple, Honest. Honest is a game changer and can really catch an opponent off guard.


As you have noticed this deck is very spell light and would be a witch's last resort if you know what I mean. I run one Raigeki. This card is a Dark Hole without the disadvantage of wiping my monsters off the field because I like my monsters. I won't like though this card can cost a bit much and is hard to find. I run two mystical space typhoons. This is the back row popper and is going to save you from pesky field spells that seem to be all the rage right now. I also run three recycling batteries. This card allows me to put two of my monsters right back in my hand from the graveyard.

Recycling batteries works good for me with my extra deck because when I synchro I can just bring my two cards back into my hand so I have really not lost anything. It is also effective for pulling my material cards back from the dead to get a little more game time action. Great cards and I would also suggest you side an extra one just in case.

Traps Make The Deck

Traps are the key to this deck.
Traps are the key to this deck.


As I mentioned I play a very trap heavy style of duel. With watts it is essential to keep your little critters alive and in charge of the battle front. Dimensional Prison and Mirror Force are pretty self explanatory and are becoming more and more frequent in decks these days. My go to trap is magic cylinder. It has won me a many duel and I run three of it just to be safe. Lumenize is super productive and I run three only because I can not run ten! It lets me negate an attack and place that attack damage on one of my light monsters until my next end phase. So let's say I get hit with 3000 attack, bad blue eyes, bad! I negate, add that 3000 attack to my giraffes 1200 and now the next turn I do 4200 direct damage with my watt giraffe or even more destructive I place it on my constellar omega and activate his effect so traps and spells can not negate the attack. Such an amazing card to have in any light deck.

Solar ray allows me to inflict 600 damage for each face up light monster I control and since my deck is almost all light monsters it is a given I will have a few on stand by to go at my opponent with. With the mass summoning potential of this deck it is not unusual for me to inflict 3000 points of damage each time ray is flipped. The rest of my traps are pretty much self explaining traps so I will move on to the extra deck and what I consider the meat of this particular deck.

Original Watt Power Deck

The Extra Deck

1 Starliege Palidynomo, 2 Thought Ruler Archfiend, 2 Number 39 Utopia, 2 Number 50 Blackship Of Corn, 2 Stardust Dragon, 2 Number 44 Sky Pegasus, 1 Scrap Dragon, 2 Constellar Omegas

Utopia is a stall card for me in that it negates an attack. I don't make it much but when I do it is usually just to buy me some time. Stardust is getting to be a staple again now that Raigeki is back in the mix. Stardust can stop the activation and destroy a card that destroys your cards. This is effective for a lot of cards you really do not want to be faced with. Cards like torrential tribute, dark hole and raigeki. Scrap Dragon is a good card for me. When I use Call of the Haunted I often end up with it getting stuck as a floater so I use Scrap to pop it and one of my opponent's cards to free up that card slot. It can drop a pesky trap or spell card real quick and get rid of a floater to boot.

Blackship is a great card to get rid of a low hit monster and do a little damage on the side. I use it to free up the front row for my hunders to get in and inflict some damage. Sky Pegasus is the same way really. It forces the opponent to take 1000 points of damage or destroy a monster card they control.

Starliege is a great card for ending a boss card real quick. It drops them to 0 attack. The cool part is if they still manage to defeat this card you get to draw another card so it has two really good features for this deck and let's you stay afloat a little longer.

My major card is Thought Ruler Archfiend. This bad boy replaces wattcine with a serious dose of kick ass! It allows you to gain life points equal to the attack of any monster it sends to the graveyard as well as offers the ability to pay 1000 points of life to negate any spell or trap directed at it. I run two and really this card is my go to for the most part.

My other go to is Constellar Omega. Omega allows me to drop a material and it can attack without fear of a spell or trap card being tossed at it. This also protects at any phase of the game but is really effective for going in for the kill shot.

The End Is Here

There you go guys and gals, Wattshunder The Stairs! Hope you enjoyed and I hope you leave some good feedback, follow me up and keep on following the heart of the cards!


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