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Best Games Like Dark Souls

Updated on September 2, 2014

The game “Dark Souls” has its own devout fans. This action roll playing game has worldwide popularity. This game’s action takes place in a big, dark world. The Kingdom of Lordran, the world of the dark fantasy, is full of the vile creatures of the darkness. The game is not very easy to play. You have to die many times to complete each and every level.

Most of the games like Dark Souls have some similarities in style, theme and/or game play. These games are not exact copies. There are a lot of differences too. You could play these games to get the similar feelings and experiences.

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Blade of Darkness

This game has some similarities with “Dark Souls”. The game is developed by a Spanish Studio named “Rebel Art Studios”. It is an action adventure RPG. This Sword and Sorcery type game has four characters: Tukaram the barbarian, Naglfar the dwarf, Sargon the knight, and Zoe the Amazon. The characters have different types of skills, strengths and weaknesses.

The Spirit of Light and The Prince of Darkness fought with each other. The evil things created by darkness are coming from the depths of dungeon. The hero should find out the sacred sword of Ianna to defeat darkness. This is the main plot of the story.

The game play is entertaining. It got high praises from the critics. The graphics were more advanced than its time. But “Blade of Darkness” does not get much commercial success due to bad publicity.

"Blade of Darkness": a game similar to Dark Souls
"Blade of Darkness": a game similar to Dark Souls | Source

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3 out of 5 stars from 5 ratings of Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice

Japanese are great fans of fantasy novels, cartoons and games. “Soul Sacrifice” is a game from Japan. It is a new game and is released for PlayStaion Vita in 2013.

The player is actually an innocent bystander captured by an evil sorcerer. The evil magician wants to sacrifice him to get his soul. He meets a magic talking book with many stories. The protagonist then enters into the worlds of those stories.

“Soul Sacrifice” can be played by four players simultaneously. Saving a dying enemy will give you some life points but you will have to confront him again. Saving an ally will erase your own lives.

The game is interesting and entertaining. If you are a “Dark Souls” fan, then you must check this game. It is not exactly the same but there are similarities.

"Demon's Soul" Gameplay Video

Demon’s Souls

“Demon’s Soul” is developed by SCE Japan Studio. This game is for PlayStation 3. It is one of the best Dark Souls like games. It is a hack and slashes fantasy RPG. Yes, you have to slay demons here. There are darkness and dragons, too.

The main character is customizable. You can choose the gender, name, look and class of the protagonist at the beginning. There are 10 classes at the beginning like warriors, mages, thieves etc. You can gather souls by killing the demons. The souls are the currency in Demon Souls’ world. You can buy or upgrade your weapons using the souls.

The world and the characters changes according to the character classes. The principal character can be a good fellow or rouge. The difficulty level is increased automatically for each replay after completing the game.

This game has been highly praised by the critics. The game play is really great. The graphics quality is also very good. In short, the game is awesome.

Monster Hunter Gameplay Trailer

Monster Hunter Series

The “Monster Hunter” games series is immensely popular in Japan. These games are of roll playing action adventure types. Most of the games of this series are for PlayStaion format. There are PC titles too. There is also a MMORPG in the series. The theme of these games are similar to Dark Souls.

Most of the titles of the M.H, series are in Japanese language only. But there are English versions too. There are some followers of the game in United States too.

Dragon’s Dogma

The survival horror RPG “Dragon’s Dogma” is a cool game. This open world game is developed for the PS3 and Xbox 360 platform. This title’s developers are “Resident Evil” famed “Capcorn”.

Like other open world type RPG games, the player can select character name, look and class. There are various classes like Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Fighter, Strider, Ranger etc. The PCs skills and abilities vary according to character class. For example, the Strider can mount on the large sized enemies. There are three AI controlled characters who accompany the PC everywhere.

The game has a very big world to explore. The world has day and night. There are more than 200 NPCs controlled by AI. You can communicate with each of them. The lovers of the game “Dark Souls” will definitely love this game.

Deagon's Dogma Gameplay Video

The Witcher 2

The game makers of Poland, CD Projekt RED, have given “The Witcher” series of RPGs to the world. The game series is actually based upon a book written by famous Polish author Andrej Sapkowski.

The second part of the series, Witcher 2, is a great game. There are PC, Mac and Xbox versions of this game is available. The plot of the game is complex and there is not any single ending. There are different chapters of the story.

“The Witcher 2” is a game like “Dark Souls”. But it is not a copy. It is an original and a bit different game. The pint of similarity is here the gameplay experiences. It is quite the same.

The Witcher 2 is a great game like Dark Souls
The Witcher 2 is a great game like Dark Souls | Source

Dragon Age Origins

The “Dragon Age Origins” is a multi- platform game. It has a version for every major gaming platform: PC, Xbox, PS, Mac etc. It is an open world type fantasy adventure game. Here are three types of characters (warrior, rogue, and mage) from three different species (elves, humans, and dwarves).

This game is very much praised by the renowned critics. It has won several awards as the best game. The game is huge with many characters. It is a bit difficult too.

Dragon Age Origins is a highly praised game
Dragon Age Origins is a highly praised game

Lords of the Fallen

The Germans are also good in video game making. The game “Lords of the Fallen” is developed by the German Studio “Deck 13”. It is a next generation RPG. The game is new. There is much interest about game among the video game enthusiasts.

The PC, the fallen warrior approaches the “hand of god” mountain to challenge the god. He has to kill many demons to achieve his goals. There is a free demo available. This Dark Souls like game has emphasized on the combats. The fights are tougher than most games. One wrong move and you could be dead.

"Lords of  the Fallen" is a game like "Dark Souls"
"Lords of the Fallen" is a game like "Dark Souls"

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Are you an admirer of games like Adventure Quest? You can check my hub about it. I hope to make you pleased with my hubs. I'll write some more great lists for you. Feel free to give your suggestions and advises.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Actually Demons Souls is made by From software same company of Dark Souls

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Lords of the Fallen is made by polish studio not german

    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 

      7 years ago from Australia

      I don't think The Witcher has enough of the same vibe unfortunately. Every other game here does though and I'm going to check out Lords of the Fallen and Blades of Darkness though. Thanks heaps

    • profile image

      Shyy Guy 

      7 years ago

      Wow, thanks for Lords of the Fallen. Another game on my list! I have a feeling this game will be similar to the Souls series... Pumped for this even though I know little about it.


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