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Borderlands 2 Defeat BNK-3R

Updated on October 16, 2012

Borderlands 2 Defeat BNK-3R

Borderlands 2 Defeat BNK-3R
Borderlands 2 Defeat BNK-3R

Borderlands 2 Defeat the Bunker BNK-3R

In Borderlands 2, the vault hunter must defeat the bunker BNK-3R. The vault hunter and his allies thought this is a solitary bunker which is stationary and breaking in involves eliminating the forces that lie outside the bunker. They are partially right. The bunker BNK-3R is also a flying defense fortress that can fly up and defend its other stationary part. The hero and his allies must defeat the BNK-3R to force it to drop the key needed to get to the vault key. This will guide the hero and provide tactics on how to defeat the BNK-3R.

Inside the Bunker

The hero arrives inside the bunker after eliminating the enemies outside. Within the bunker, the hero will enjoy a quiet moment before all hell breaks loose. Enjoy this quiet moment by surveying the area – there is a fast travel station here, and also an ammo and health station. Load up on ammunition. For this particular assassin type hero, rocket launchers and sniper ammunition are of paramount importance.

Find the Entrance to the Control Core

As the hero heads up the stairs and further into the bunker to find the entrance into the control core, Handsome Jack introduces the hero to BNK-3R – the flying bunker, and the fun begins. This mission will not be too difficult if the hero has the following -

  • is at least level 24
  • has a formidable rocket launcher
  • has a reasonable corrosive sniper weapon

In addition, the assassin hero Zero has the advantage of being able to go invisible and allow the enemies to attack his allies for a brief period of time.

Tactics to Defeat BNK-3R

To defeat BNK-3R, the hero needs to move and be on the move all the time. First, move up to the waterfall area at the top of the area. This area has a large slab near the center which can be used for cover. It also contains some good items, so remember to loot this.

Make the waterfall area the base of the hero. Use this area to scan for the flying bunker BNK-3R. When the BNK-3R is found, it will be attacking something other than the hero – most likely the Slab support buzzards in the area. Whilst it is distracted attacking other targets, use the rocket launcher and reduce its health substantially at the beginning.

When the BNK-3R finds the hero, it will divert turret guns at the hero. And then it will target its large gun at the hero. Both can combine to wipe out the vault hunter. So take cover, and switch to sniper weapon mode. Use the sniper weapon to destroy the turrets. Once the turrets are destroyed and the flying bunker has had enough of the hero, it will fly off and then come back.

Take this time to reload on ammunition. Brick's slab forces will throw in some ammunition in this fight. At the same time, the hero needs to stay vigilant for stray loaders coming into this waterfall area. Eliminate them before they can combine attacks with the BNK-3R.

When the BNK-3R returns, sometimes it continues to attack other enemies. Sometimes, it will direct its full attention at the hero. In this case, it is essential for the hero to take cover. It may also be a good idea turn invisible (for the assassin hero) and then run down all the way from the waterfall to the entrance into the bunker to get health and reload on ammunition.

The BNK-3R fight is a challenging fight, but it is also easily one of the most enjoyable fights in the game. Defeat the BNK-3R and then head into the core control area.


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