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Complete list of LEGO Lord of The Rings sets

Updated on May 31, 2013

Tolkiens univers translated into building blocks

Have you ever wanted to bring Tolkiens universe to life in your living room? I know I have and now LEGO is helping you accomplish that by offering many different sets inspired by the stories of Frodo, Bilbo, Gandalf and all the other beloved characters from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Get yours or your childs creativity going when building the attack on weathertop or the barrel escape or use the cool Lord of the Rings Minifigs to populate scenes from the books that you have built yourself.

I have gathered all the Tolkien LEGO sets available below and also collected links for some really awesome fanmade Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit LEGO creations. Get inspired and get building with LEGO in Tolkiens universe.

PIcture courtesy of Amazon. Gollum Minifig

Lord of the Rings minifigs

LEGO offers a variety of minifigures created specifically for their Lord of the Rings LEGO sets. The characters are easily recognizable as the brick versions of the heroes and villains of Tolkiens universe.

Not only do you get the obligatory Frodo and Samvise minifigures, you also get some of the important side characters like Eomer, Pippin and Gimli.

Have a look at all the LEGO LOTR minifigs available.

Lego Samwise Gamgee MinifigureBUY NOW

Lego Frodo MinifigureBUY NOW

Lego Ringwraith MinifigureBUY NOW

Lego Eomer MinifigureBUY NOW

Lord of the Rings LEGO sets - Buy your favourite brick scene in Tolkiens universe

You can get both large and smaller Lord of the Rings sets and there have been releases both for the trilogy with Frodo and the Ring and for the Hobbit which has recently been released as a movie.

Most of the sets comes with some really cool accessories like weapons, intricate details and fancy mechanics that will allow you to replay the epic scenes from the Tolkien books.

LEGO The Battle of Helm's DeepBUY NOW

LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King BattleBUY NOW

Battle at Helms Deep LEGO set review

Curious to see what the Helms Deep LEGO set contains? Want to know how to get the wall to explode or would you just like to see the scale and size of the playset?

Check out this video review for all of the above.

Video by brickshowtv curated from Youtube.

What is your favourite LEGO Lord of the Rings play set?

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