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Dark Souls Defeating the Iron Golem

Updated on December 29, 2014

Dark Souls Defeating the Iron Golem

Dark Souls Defeating the Iron Golem
Dark Souls Defeating the Iron Golem

Dark Souls Defeating the Iron Golem

In dark souls, defeating the iron golem is necessary for the hero to reach Anor Londo and continue onto the next part of the dark souls game. The iron golem is one mighty beast to defeat. It is the monster boss in Sen's Fortress, and has tons and tons of hit points, and very high defense. This will guide the hero in using magic and ranged weapons to defeat the iron golem.

Dark Souls Preparation in Defeating the Iron Golem

In dark souls, preparation is of paramount importance in defeating the iron golem, especially if one wants to use magic and ranged weapons to attack and defeat the iron golem. First the hero must have enough attunement slots to have the sorcery spells soul arrow, heavy soul arrows, great souls arrows, and great heavy soul arrows. Level up must be geared towards obtaining enough attunement slots to obtain all the above sorcery spells. In this way, the hero will have a total of 70 soul arrows to throw at the iron golem, and hopefully defeat the iron golem.

Second, in case the 70 soul arrows cannot defeat the iron golem (yes, the iron golem has a lot of hit points), the hero must have an alternative ranged attack, and that is the long bow and arrows. Grab at least 100 poison or fire arrows from the second merchant in the undead burg, and an additional 200 or so arrows from the first undead burg area merchant. Then venture through the white light and use magic and ranged weapons to defeat the iron golem.

For armor, the hero was using the Crimson Robe Armor Set. One can use any other light armor that the hero is used to moving in.

Dark Souls Returning to Undead Parish Area from Sen's Fortress

In dark souls, the hero may have run out of arrows and bolts. Bolts are useful as a third alternative ranged weapon to use against the Iron Golem. This is especially so since the Sniper Crossbow can be picked up in the Sen's Fortress area along the route that the hero must take to reach to the undead parish area to pick up those valuable arrows and bolts.

To return to the undead parish area from Sen's Fortress easily, first start from the Sen's Fortress Bonfire. When at the lower T-shaped junction facing the golem loading the large rolling pinballs into the hole, notice a gap in the walkway to the left. The hero has to dash jump through this gap to reach the other side. In the tower on the other side is the merchant in Sen's Fortress (sells large titanite shards). Descend the stairs and finish off the snakehead mage at the bottom. Obtain the Cage Key from this monster. Now go back to the T-junction (the hero can just drop down using Fall Control at the T-junction, pick up the Sniper Crossbow at the bottom and come up again), and go past the gap to the next room. There will be a pair of cages in the room. Use them to descend to the bottom. The hero will arrive at the entrance to Sen's Fortress (where the snakehead beasts are). Either use ranged weapons or melee weapons and guile to get past these monsters and the swinging blades again. Then run back to the undead parish area and obtain those much needed arrows and bolts.

Dark Souls Route to Defeating the Iron Golem

Dark Souls Tactics to Defeat the Iron Golem Using Magic and Ranged Weapons

Just before entering the white light to defeat the iron golem, the hero must go upstairs in the tower and defeat the golem throwing large firebombs. To defeat this smaller golem, just use a melee weapon, and wait for the golem to go into resting mode after overexerting himself, and then move in to defeat the iron. Do this repeatedly, and this smaller golem will be defeated. This will stop all the firebomb attacks. Whilst at this level, peer ahead and observe the impressive and fearsome Iron Golem that the hero must defeat next.

Now arm the hero with the Tin Banishment Catalyst and the heavy soul arrows, and transverse the white light. After reemerging onto the other side, immediately run to the right side of the arena, where the hero must hide underneath a broken pillar just about the hero's height. The Iron Golem will launch an air axe ranged attack on the hero. This will just hit the pillar and disappear.

Next target the iron golem, and fire those soul arrows. Do not be too greedy. When the iron golem is close to the hero, he will start a horizontal slash by moving his left arm. Do not continue to fire the soul arrows. This is a signal for the hero to move from cover. Aim for the space between the iron golem's legs, or to the right of the iron golem, run and then roll when the axe is about to swing. In this way, the hero will avoid the attack of the iron golem. Then just dash ahead and find another pillar cover at the end of the long walkway on the right. Turn around, target the iron golem and fire those soul arrows again. Again when the iron golem starts to move very close to the hero, repeat the run and roll process to the next pillar.

In this way, the hero can defeat the iron golem using the soul arrows. If the hero runs out of sorcery spells, start using the arrows and bolts. With patience and perseverance, the iron golem will be defeated using magic and ranged weapons.

There are some points to take note of using the magic and ranged weapons techniques to defeat the iron golem. First this method will take time and patience, and the hero can do this without losing any health points. Be patient, and do not be too greedy in damaging the iron golem all at once. Second, there is a third pillar midway between the two other pillars on the left. The hero can use this cover to dodge the air axe ranged attacks of the iron golem, and it is also a spot to launch the hero's own ranged attacks. Third, when the iron golem goes into a continuous ranged attack mode, just keeping firing ranged attacks of your own at the iron golem.

For a melee weapon approach and tactics for defeating the iron golem, the video below will guide you. This method can take out the iron golem faster, but the hero is prone to the foot stomping of the iron golem or the grab attack of the iron golem. The grab and slam attack of the iron golem can destroy the hero outright.

Dark Souls Using Melee Weapons To Defeat the Iron Golem

Dark Souls Rewards for Defeating the Iron Golem

After defeating the iron golem, the hero is rewarded with the soul of the iron golem, and 30000 experience points. More importantly, the hero will be lifted by gargoyles to Anor Londo.


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