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Dark Souls Sen's Fortress Bonfire

Updated on December 29, 2014

Dark Souls Sen's Fortress Monsters

Dark Souls Sen's Fortress Monsters - Getting Past these Snakehead Beasts to Reach the Sen's Fortress Bonfire
Dark Souls Sen's Fortress Monsters - Getting Past these Snakehead Beasts to Reach the Sen's Fortress Bonfire

Dark Souls Sen's Fortress Bonfire

In dark souls, entering and surviving Sen's Fortress is an essential part of the game. Sen's Fortress is full of snake head monsters with lots of hit points, and some of them cast lightning spells. Sen's Fortress is also full of traps. Getting to the Sen's Fortress bonfire is of paramount importance to prevent having to respawn at the undead parish second bonfire again and again. This will guide the hero in reaching the dark souls sen's fortress bonfire safely and strategically so that multiple gaming deaths are avoided.

Dark Souls Entering Sen's Fortress

In dark souls, the Sen's Fortress is entered from the undead parish area just above the blacksmith. Sen's Fortress can only be entered after ringing the second bell. Before entering Sen's Fortress, it is recommended for easy and speed walkthrough of Sen's Fortress to the bonfire that the hero obtains lots of arrows (at least 100 arrows - either poison arrows or standard arrows) and a longbow. Next arm the hero with some versions of Soul Arrows, preferably the heavy damage type. Now it's time to enter Sen's Fortress.

There is a long bridge that leads to Sen's Fortress. Go through this and then head to the left as the hero enters Sen's Fortress. Do not go through the centre, or you will trigger a trap. The first snakehead swordsman will now move towards the hero. Lure him to the centre of the entrance, and make him do a smash attack, and roll away. The trap will be activated, defeating this snakehead beast.

Next, lure the second snakehead swordsman out of Sen's fortress and onto the bridge. Use a technique of rolling away and soul arrows to defeat this one.

Dark Souls Sen's Fortress Traps and Swinging Blades

Sen's Fortress is full of traps and swinging blades. The hero encounters the first of the swinging blades as he enters the next sen's fortress area. The swinging blades at this stage is quite easy to pass. What is difficult is the snakehead swordsman straight ahead, and the snakehead mage on the archway just above this narrow passage through the swinging blades. The hero has to get rid of the snakehead mage first. Run to the furthest corner of the corridor before entering the walkway with the swinging blades, turn around, and zoom in with the bow on the snakehead mage. The swinging blades will hinder the electrical attacks of the mage. At the same time, the hero's arrows will get past the swinging blades and hit the snakehead mage. After a few attempts, the snakehead mage will fall off the archway into the basement levels of Sen's Fortress (full of titanite demons, only fall in to get some souls of brave warriors - worth 5000 xp each; otherwise stay well above the basement). The hero obtains 500 XP - more free and easy experience points.

Use the same bow tactics to lure the snakehead swordsman to move forward into the path of the swinging blades. If due to some miracle the snakehead swordsman fails to be hit by the swinging blades, move the hero to the entrance in this area. The snakehead beast will make a smashing attack, and fall into the basement levels.

With the two snakeheads gone, go past the swinging blades and into the next level of Sen's Fortress.

Dark Souls Sen's Fortress Rolling Stones

The next stage of Sen's Fortress will be punctuated by rolling stones, which will actually help the hero in eliminating more snakehead beasts. Move into the slope where the rolling stone is to activate the rolling stones. Next peer to the left and see another snakehead mage there. Lure the snakehead mage to come down the stairs, and then watch as he is smashed to a pauper by the rolling stone. The hero may want to head up the stairs to grab the treasure in the room - the Ring of Steel Protection.

Halfway up the stairs with the first rolling stone is the white light. Transverse this to find another snakehead swordsman. Lure him up the stairs and watch the rolling stone do the trick again. Now head past this snakehead beast, and one will reach another rolling stone trap. Head up the ramp with the rolling stone very fast. The hero may be hit once by the rolling stone. Make sure he has lots of vitality and health points. The hero will find himself in a place where the rolling stones are fired away. Pick the entrance that leads to a corridor with shooting pikes, and from there head to the next corridor with more swinging blades.

The hero is almost at the bonfire. There are two sets of swinging blades in this area. Beyond the first set are more snakehead beasts. Use the variety of techniques in this dark souls sen's fortress bonfire walkthrough to defeat these snakehead beasts to reach the second set of swinging blades. Move past the second set of swinging blades, turn right, and following the directions as shown below, and the hero will be at the Sen's Fortress bonfire.

From this point at the Sen's Fortress bonfire, save and use this great return point to explore this magnification Sen's Fortress which is full of free and easy experience points and great hidden treasures!

Collect all the treasures and head forth to confront the iron golem.

Dark Souls Sen's Fortress Bonfire


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