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Darksiders 2 Defeat Gnashor

Updated on September 11, 2012

Darksiders 2 Defeat Gnashor

Darksiders 2 Defeating Gnashor takes time, skills and patience.
Darksiders 2 Defeating Gnashor takes time, skills and patience.

Darksiders 2 Defeat Gnashor

In Darksiders 2, the hero must defeat Gnashor, otherwise known as the Gilded Arena's Champion. Only then will the Lord of the Realm of Death allow an audience with Death. Although gloriously labelled as a "champion", Gnashor is really a metallic worm with one large eye and ring that can assemble metalware around itself to become a mighty metallic warrior. As the worm, Gnashor is really cannon fodder and the hero can take swipes at the worm with his scythes. As the metallic warrior, Gnashor is difficult to defeat and will need to the hero to dissemble Gnashor into its primordial form to stand any chance of defeating it. This will guide the hero on how to tackle Gnashor by following some carefully orchestrated moves and tactics to dissemble Gnashor, avoid its sand burrow attacks and ultimately defeat Gnashor.

Tactics to Defeat Gnashor in Worm Form

Before trying to defeat Gnashor, the hero should fast travel to get some health and wrath potions. For this particular hero, Ostegoth the goatman merchant disappeared from the Realm of Death before this fight. The only way is to return to the forged lands to get the health potions.

Then the hero must summon the gilded arena's champion. Gnashor makes its appearance in dramatic fashion by shaking some metallic debris on the sands of the arena. As soon as Gnashor appears, it's time for the hero to avoid the first of Gnashor's attacks - his burrowing and then jump attack from the sands. Roll away from Gnashor and watch for his eye and ring to appear above the sand. The hero must be patient and follow the wisps of sand around the arena. Prepare deathgrip. Once Gnashor springs from the sand in eye and ring mode, use deathgrip to bring it to the ground. Attack Gnashor until it springs back into the sand again. The hero needs to do this twice before Gnashor will attempt to assemble the pile of debris in the area.

Tactics to Defeat Gnashor in Warrior Form

Once Gnashor assembles his bodily form, the warrior Gnashor is resurrected. Gnashor has several attacks which need to be avoided for the hero to survive the fight. One of these involves Gnashor taking his head and spine down from his body and using it as a spike weapon to attack and lash out at the hero. This devastating attack can take out a lot of the hero's health if not avoided. Roll away or to the sides to avoid this attack. In addition, this attack can reverberate through the ground to damage the hero standing acres away from Gnashor.

To defeat Gnashor in warrior form, the hero needs to face Gnashor head on. This will allow the hero to detect when Gnashor will reveal his head ring which is initially hidden behind his armor. To make Gnashor bellow and roar and reveal his head ring, the hero needs to attack Gnashor repeatedly. Use deathgrip to grip onto his head, and then swing a few carefully aimed attacks at the head. This will drop Gnashor's health. However, beyond a certain amount, Gnashor's health will not drop anymore. Instead the hero needs to avoid Gnashor's attacks and wait for the ideal opportunity when Gnashor will show his ring. When this happens, the hero should use deathgrip to pull Gnashor into his various bits and pieces from which he was formed. When Gnashor the worm form is helpless on the ground for some seconds, strike relentlessly at the worm form. This will cause Gnashor to lose health, again to a certain point only.

Then the Gnashor worm form re-animates and tries to chase and damage the hero from the ground again. Do not attempt to attack this time, but instead, roll and avoid the attacks of Gnashor until the worm form reassembles the metallic debris and becomes the warrior form again.

The hero then has to attack Gnashor using the tactics and techniques above a few times. Eventually, Gnashor will be defeated.

The Lord of Bones will now grant an audience with the hero. However, nothing comes easy for the hero, since the Lord of the Realm of Death wants his dead lords back by his side.


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