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Darksiders 2 Defeat the Corrupted Custodian

Updated on August 31, 2012

Darksiders 2 Defeat the Corrupted Custodian

The Corrupted Custodian fight - make sure the hero enters this fight with the wrath meter full and reaper form available
The Corrupted Custodian fight - make sure the hero enters this fight with the wrath meter full and reaper form available

Darksiders 2 Defeat the Corrupted Custodian

In Darksiders 2, the Corrupted Custodian is the final boss in the Foundry. The corrupted custodian is a golem construct which has been corrupted by the third heartstone. Defeating the corrupted custodian is also the key for the hero to get the third heartstone and restore the guardian. However, when the corrupted custodian is awakened, it also causes the gates of the chamber to drop, sealing the corrupted custodian and the hero in a “fight to the death, winner takes all” gladiator style battle. Within this confined space, and without the help of Karn, defeating the corrupted custodian can be very tricky, and requires all the guile, wrath skills and combat moves of the hero. This will guide the hero on how to defeat the corrupted custodian.

Navigate the Foundry Obstacles to the Third Heartstone

Before the hero can defeat the corrupted custodian, he must get the third heartstone. Remember to fast travel back to Tri-stone to get maximum number of health and wrath potions before going back to get the final heartstone. The third heartstone area will be available after getting the second heartstone. After that quest, a golem will mysteriously appear in the guardian main hall of the foundry. The hero should mount this golem construct and drive it down the final area south of the main hall on the map. There will be a chamber where the hero can drop the orb on the golem into the crater. This will allow some gratings to be lowered and the hero to climb a ledge and get onto a platform. From this platform, the hero can see a series of obstacles that he must overcome. Go through the obstacles and then land on the other side overlooking the third heartstone. Use deathgrip, climb onto the third heartstone and rip it out.

Understand the Corrupted Custodian's Tactics

Karn will lift the third heartstone and get out of the chamber. Gratings rise to seal the chamber. And the hero will be trapped within the chamber, as the corruption from the third heartsone diffuses and infuses the previously passive golem. The corrupted custodian has awaken. And the hero must defeat it.

The corrupted custodian has several tactics to defeat the hero. First, it has a double arm smash attack. Perhaps the most devastating of the corrupted custodian's attack is the spin attack. This attack makes the golem invulnerable to attacks and also damages the hero substantially and in all directions. Avoid this attack at all costs. In addition, the corrupted custodian has a massive defense which means that attacks only chip away at a bit of its health each time.

Use Tactics, Wrath Moves and Reaper Form to Defeat the Corrupted Custodian

Because the corrupted custodian's health is hard to bring down and can drop the hero's health fast, the hero must use wrath moves like Exhume and Death's Allure to distract the corrupted custodian. The ghouls will surround the golem and repeatedly assault the golem. Go to the back of the golem and keep hacking at the orb. Hitting at the top of the golem from the ground is rather pointless, as the damage will be insignificant. Hitting at the orb will damage the golem. Beware of its spinning attack; this will take out the ghouls in one shot and probably much of the hero's health too. Roll away from this happens. The hero may have to evade and roll around the room to allow wrath to build up once exhume has been used.

When wrath is restored, use exhume again and this time, the hero may want to try a different tactic – use Deathgrip and haul oneself at the golem whilst it is fighting ghouls. Hack at the golem from the top with rapid scythe attacks. When the hero drops to the ground, roll away and then repeat the steps described above.

When the Corrupted Custodian is down to about half its health, use exhume on one of the runs, and then go into Reaper Form. Depending on the hero's damage at this point, the Reaper form and attacks can either drop the golem's health to 0, or to a very low level. Do not worry about saving the reaper form for later; the next boss does not require reaper form. At the same time, restore the hero's health with health potions and use one of the techniques above to defeat the corrupted custodian.

With all three heartstones obtained, it's time to wake the guardian. But things never happen the way one wants to.........


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