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Diablo 3 Defeat Zoltun Kulle

Updated on May 28, 2012

Diablo 3 Defeat Zoltun Kulle

In Diablo 3, the wizard hero must defeat Zoltun Kulle and retrieve the black soulstone. Zoltun Kulle can be regarded as a mini-boss but must be taken seriously anyway. Here the wizard hero experiences with some new abilities that he normally does not use in trying to defeat bosses. Apparently, the abilities used by Zoltun Kulle are fairly similar compared to that of the hero as Zoltun Kulle is a mage by profession.

Diablo 3 Tactics Used by Zoltun Kulle

Zoltun Kulle will first lead the hero and his follower into the soulstone chamber. This is the first step in trapping the hero. Next, Kulle will unleash his eternal guardians on the hero. Finally, he will launch into attack against the hero. Zoltun Kulle will use the following abilities -

  • slow time - the hero's actions are decidedly slow within this area. Within this area, the hero will be more susceptible to Kulle's atack.
  • tornado - there are brown like tornadoes around the battlefield which will blow away the hero's health if he gets within the twirling vortexes of death.
  • fireballs - Kulle will periodically throw fireballs at the hero.
  • teleport - Kulle will teleport out of the way when he is being attacked, frustrating the hero who cannot build up a rhythm when attacking Kulle.
  • rockfall - Kulle can unleash a barrage of rocks to fall onto the hero from above. Although not dramatically or vividly lethal, when combined with other attacks above, the hero can become overwhelmed and perish under Kulle's attacks.

Diablo 3 Use Tactics and Wizard Abilities to Defeat Zoltun Kulle

The wizard hero can use similar abilities to finish off Zoltun Kulle. First corner Zoltun Kille and unleash the following onto the heretic Horadrim -

  • slow time globe - make sure Kulle is trapped (for a brief period of time) within the slow time globe. This will allow the hero to attack him repeatedly using abilities before he teleports away. Also, his fireball attacks are much slower within this area, allowing the hero to dodge and run away.
  • energy twister - this allows the hero to use arcane power to generate his own tornadoes which can be launched against Kulle. Depending on the hero's arcane power, he can launch up to three energy twisters against Kulle. When Kulle is within the slow time globe, and is trapped in one corner, three energy twisters against Kulle will rip away his health points significantly.
  • ray of frost - allows the hero to generate a laser like ray of frost to slow and damage Zoltun Kulle from far away. Useful as Kulle keeps teleporting away; this will prevent the hero from having to chase him down and attack him from close range.
  • electrocute - the hero's signature spell. Again, this allows the hero to attack from range.
  • explosive blast - when close to Kulle, and he is slow in escaping, active this ability to further damage Kulle.
  • frost armor - activate frost armor to increase the hero's defensive abilities and also freeze Kulle from time to time.

With these abilities and periodic healing of the hero, Zoltun Kulle will be defeated. Once this adversary is finished, the hero will obtain the black soulstone and head back to Caldeum. It's time to face the Lord of Lies.


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