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Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Walkthrough

Updated on July 30, 2011

Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Starts Here

Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Starts Here
Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Starts Here

Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Walkthrough

In Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC, Hawke the Champion of Kirkwall must fulfill his legacy, left behind by his father Malcolm Hawke. This dragon age 2 legacy dlc walkthrough will take the player through the dragon age 2 legacy dlc game, and uncover the secrets of Hawke's legacy.

In Dragon Age 2 Legacy dlc, Hawke must find the Memento of Legacy within Hawke's estate to start the legacy dlc game. To find this Memento of Legacy, in the main hall, turn left and open the door. Open the door and walk through it and go upstairs. In the room is a hawk like statue - this is the memento of Legacy, Malcolm's gift to Hawke the champion. Click on it and the game will start. The champion is transported to the Vimmark desert wastelands.

Dragon Age 2 and Other RPG Games

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Finding the Fortress of Vimmark

Naturally in dragon age 2, Varric and the chantry female warrior starts the storytelling. The scene shifts to the Vimmark desert wasterlands, where Varric tells Hawke that some dwarfs appear to have started hunting for "the blood of Hawke". Hawke is determined to put an end to this, and strives to find the entrance to the Vimmark fortress and the enemy who have sanctioned the hunt for the blood of Hawke.

In Dragon Age 2 dlc Legacy, Hawke is allowed to bring with him three other companions, including the templar (if Hawke is a mage), if one had completed the main dragon age 2 game already. Anyhow head down the pathway to the main compound, where a dwarf (looks like he has been corrupted by the taint of the Darkspawn) with large dark eye bags tells Hawke to give in and hand over the blood of Hawke. Naturally, a big fight starts as Hawke and party chase down this dwarven overseer into a huge compound where dwarven archers start throwing arrows at the party.

At this stage of the game, where Hawke and company are about level 20, this fight and trap, although huge is really nothing compared to the dragon age 2 final fight between Orsino, Hawke and Meredith.

To get through this fight, first use one fighter, for example, the templar against the dwarfs that are closing in on Hawke and Merrill (the mages). Next send out the rogue Isabella onto the platform to eliminate the archers. Use Hawke and Merrill to use area attacks and area stun spells. For Hawke, this will include the tempest spell and if blood magic had already been learnt, then haemorrhage. It may be useful also to go into blood magic mode and take control of one of the dwarfs. For Merrill, use Stone Throw to teleport to the fighter attacking the archers, and then use Tendril attack to eliminate the archers all at one shot. When the party's health is low, use a Spirit Healer to mass heal everyone. At this stage, one may have enough dragon age 2 dlc including the black emporium to have the Mabari war dog, so adding another ally to the party.

Once this big fight is over, search the surrounding areas for the gate key, and then open the gate, and head down into the Vimmark chasm.

Dragon Age 2 Legacy dlc Improvements

In dragon age 2 legacy dlc, the dragon age 2 game appears patched and upgraded when the dragon age 2 legacy dlc file is executed. This appears to have improved the graphics and the fluidity of the dragon age 2 game. At the same time, the dragon age 2 legacy game allows for the finding and unlock of a class customizable item that can be used by any class of Hawke. Also dragon age 2 legacy unleashes another ancient horror and brings the darkspawn into the picture again. This part of the game was quite missed in the dragon age 2 main game. Also the dragon age 2 legacy allows the player to play at super high levels, which is always good for demonstrating the full array of skills that are available to the player, rather than wielding lighting strikes again and again.

Dragon Age Legacy DLC is available for 800 microsoft points or bioware points. Enjoy!

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Vimmark Wasteland Encounters


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