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Dragon's Dogma Get to the Greatwall

Updated on June 25, 2012

Dragon's Dogma Get to the Greatwall

In Dragon's Dogma, the hero must embark on a quest to get to the Greatwall and rout the Salvation cultists within. The Greatwall forms a important defense against the dragon, and the Arisen must defeat the Salvation zealots within to take back the Greatwall. However, getting to the Greatwall is a problem, as the Arisen must be well prepared to make this precarious journey past lots of monsters. This will guide the Arisen on how to defeat the monsters, navigate the treacherous environment and get to the Greatwall.

Dragon's Dogma Get to the Greatwall

To get to the Greatwall, the Arisen must attempt to pass through the gates of Heavenspeak Fort
To get to the Greatwall, the Arisen must attempt to pass through the gates of Heavenspeak Fort

Dragon's Dogma Head West Towards the Greatwall

The Arisen should depart Gran Soren from the northern gate. From the northern gate, head past the bridge and find the path that leads towards the Catacombs. Along this path, instead of heading into the catacombs, continue heading west. It is recommended that the Arisen travel by day, for by night, all manners of monstrous denizens litter the path. These monsters include

  • bandits
  • undead
  • skeletons
  • wolves
  • cyclops
  • and even a chimera (the hero may want to practice defeating the chimera)

Either defeat them or run past them. Running past the monsters may result in pawns being defeated and forfeited; however, there are two ways in which pawns can be recalled later in this journey west towards the Greatwall.

The objective here is to reach the entrance to the Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort. The Arisen will know he has reached the entrance because two things will happen. First, rocks will be unleashed from the fortress and will roll towards the hero. Hide behind cover to prevent being crushed by the rocks. The second thing will be the hero being confronted by the Heavenspeak Fort gate. This gate is closed and cannot be opened from here.

Dragon's Dogma Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort

To get inside the ruins of heavenspeak fort and go beyond the gate and past the fort, the hero must head left and up the slope. This spiral slope will lead the Arisen to the top into one of the towers of Heavenspeak Fort. Now follow the stairs and head into the other tower. Continue descending down the other tower and cross the tower bridge. The bandits or locals in Heavenspeak Fort will begin attacking the hero. Across the tower bridge will be a lever that will activate the gate of Heavenspeak Fort. The Arisen can unlock this gate or he can simply jump down from the position where the lever is and land on the ground at the other side of the gate.

Dragon's Dogma Reach Greatwall Camp

Now open up the map and note that the Arisen can travel along a path beyond the gate until the path splits into two. Head up the northern path towards the Greatwall (activate the deny salvation quest to make the greatwall the major waypoint location on the map).The path will lead the hero towards pools of blackish water-like liquid and lots of harpies. Defeat the harpies and do not step into the liquid as it will poison and blind the Arisen.

If the monsters and the treacherous terrain in these areas appear overwhelming and the pawns have all been eliminated, one can put the portcrystal down and activate a ferrystone to teleport back to Gran Soren. Go into the pawns guild and summon the pawns again. Now use another ferrystone to teleport everyone back to the portcrystal.

Use the map and continue in a northernly direction until some hobgoblins are sighted. Again, the Arisen can either defeat the hobgoblins or run north past them. Just a little further from the hobgoblins is the entrance into the greatwall camp, where the Arisen can rest, purchase equipment and learn skills. There is also a rift stone in the greatwall camp to recall pawns if they have fallen on the journey to the Greatwall.

Once enough healing equipment is bought, and the Arisen and party are back to full health, it's time to enter the greatwall compound.........


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