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Farcry 3 Walkthrough

Updated on December 4, 2012

Farcry 3 Walkthrough Begins

Farcry 3 Walkthrough Begins
Farcry 3 Walkthrough Begins

In Farcry 3, tragedy strikes Jason and his friends as they are captured by Vaas after skydiving onto Rook Island. Jason and his brother try to escape but the brother is killed by Vaas. Jason is rescued by Dennis Rogers, who tells Jason that he is the warrior come to Rook Island to liberate it from the pirates. This will guide Jason with a walkthrough on how to navigate the initial stages of the farcry 3 game, and how to craft the important items and weapons to carry on surviving in the farcry 3 game and become the ultimate warrior.

Farcry 3 Amanaki Town and Radio Station

One of the most important parts of the farcry 3 is to activate the radio stations scattered throughout the island. With each radio station unlocked, Jason will be rewarded with the unmasking of the map associated with that particular region. Also new weapons will become free at the weapons store.

Jason will find that his adventures in Rook Island will be much more comfortable and enjoyable with the right weapons and bags. Essentially, at the basic to mid-stages of the game, Jason needs to be equipped with the following weapons for a guaranteed comfort and enjoyable level in the game -

So get climbing and get on top of the radio stations and attempt to unlock all of them. Start first with the radio station just next to Amanaki Town.

Jason also needs to be equipped with a large sack and a large ammo pouch and a weapons holster big enough to hold the four weapons above.

Farcry 3 Crafting and Hunting

To survive on Rook Island, Jason needs to craft items. The raw material needed for crafting are obtained from plants throughout the island. Bags and other containers on Rook Island are generally obtained by hunting and skinning animals. As the capacity of the bags increases, the need to hunt more deadly animals increases.

As an example, the progression of the weapons holster from the simple one to the heavy duty holster containing four weapons is the most important, and requires some pig skin initially. Later on, this requires shark skin and tiger skin, so be prepared for tough fights and the weapons above will be very useful for defeating the tigers and sharks.

It may be a slightly different technique to defeat the sharks, and may require the hijacking of a armed pirates ship to defeat the sharks.

Farcry 3 Walkthrough Begins

So, after going to the radio station near Amanaki Town to activate it, Jason will go and hunt for animals and harvest plants to create health syringes. Finally he will return to Dennis Rogers and be instructed on the next part of the Rook Island walkthrough – seize the outpost.


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