how do i change my voice online?

  1. hottopicchik profile image51
    hottopicchikposted 8 years ago

    how do i change my voice online?

    i want 2 change my voice 2 sound like sum1 else but i dnt want 2 buy it or download it....the rents would get mad. so, how do i do it? evry time i try 2 change it myself, i sound like a drunk or 2 much like myself. i really want 2 do this to ply do i do it?

  2. M1ke N1chol5on profile image51
    M1ke N1chol5onposted 8 years ago

    to change your voice online i assume you mean in realtime? what you need to do is get your self some audio software that has a Vocoder. there will be several presets to choose from, or you could make your own preset. I know that cubase has been used for such things. Im not 100% sure on this one but i think Sony sound forge will also help a lot.

    i hope this useful to you wink