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  1. R.Edwards profile image62
    R.Edwardsposted 14 years ago

    Raise your hand. What are your favorite poker games? What online site (if any) do you play on? What's your most memorable poker winning hand?

    Share your poker stories...maybe I'll see you around and take some of your chips!

    1. FacebookPokerChip profile image64
      FacebookPokerChipposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      facebook poker, by far smile

    2. R.Edwards profile image62
      R.Edwardsposted 14 years ago

      btw, any zynga, poker stars or full tilt players here?

    3. jerryjeng profile image58
      jerryjengposted 14 years ago

      I'm not playing now, bot recently always  played on
      I just want to advice everybody, who wants to play poker, but not lost their money: read Dan Harrington's books and learn mathematics...

    4. pylos26 profile image69
      pylos26posted 14 years ago

      Yeah…played for a while at party poker…still have almost fifty million chips there in me account…you want ‘em?

      It’s ok to play with fake chips…but I would advise against playing for cash…not possible to have a fair chance at winning online.

      1. pokermoneyclips profile image68
        pokermoneyclipsposted 14 years ago

        I gotta agree somewhat with pylos. Playing online for cash is, well, not unfair but more of a coin toss than one would like to think, at least at the low limit tables on the busier networks. Then again the world series has kinda turned that way as well with the inflow of new players with a lack of understanding of the game. I don't think it has to do with it being unfair, I think it has to do more with Gus winning a lot of WPT events and players thinking that's how you're supposed to play. Odds, outs, pot odds, even reads all go out the window to blind chance and players start coin flipping for their money. If you have enough of a strategy you can mitigate the losses.

      2. ProHubbing profile image60
        ProHubbingposted 14 years ago

        Ha. I play tons online and casino. FT and Stars. I love no limit for SNG's and also am amazing at Omaha Hi/Lo. It is a great game with less swings than Hold-em. If it's a live table cash game, I would recommend Limit Hold-em. I do fairly well playing that and building my bankroll constantly.

      3. profile image0
        lyricsingrayposted 14 years ago


        1. profile image0
          lyricsingrayposted 14 years agoin reply to this


      4. ProHubbing profile image60
        ProHubbingposted 14 years ago


        1. profile image0
          lyricsingrayposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          ok how much?

        2. profile image0
          lyricsingrayposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          ps- welcome to hubpages big_smile

      5. Len Cannon profile image86
        Len Cannonposted 14 years ago

        I play on Stars mostly. I cashed out most of my winnings earlier this month since I've had some hospital time and needed the money, but I left a few dollars to see if I could luck out a semblence of a bankroll.  It's all pure profit though.

        I mostly just play NLHE cash games or SNGs, but I really enjoy 8-game as well.

      6. Casper021 profile image60
        Casper021posted 14 years ago

        i play online at pokerstars, and i also play live turnaments

      7. newpokerbreed profile image59
        newpokerbreedposted 14 years ago

        Ive played at many different online poker sites, I now shy away from the very large rooms like fulltilt and stars and also partypoker as these rooms tend to offer less benefits to their players.

        I have found the best site in terms of ongoing player rewards systems is Cake Poker.  Its big enough to make sure you always get a game but not so big they dont consider you playing there important.

        P.S. If your gonna have a go use signup code: NZCAKE
        To make sure you get maximum bonuses.

      8. Sunny_S profile image60
        Sunny_Sposted 14 years ago

        Full tilt do an excellent poker game for amatuer or inexperienced players. Made a bit of money on there as well...


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