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What is your hobby?

  1. janesix profile image61
    janesixposted 3 years ago

    What is your hobby?

    Besides writing.

  2. FatFreddysCat profile image98
    FatFreddysCatposted 3 years ago

    I collect CDs - at last count I have around 800 of them. I mainly collect artists in the hard rock/heavy metal genre but occasionally I'll go "off the reservation" for stuff like 80s new wave, female country singers, movie soundtracks, etc. if they're cheap enough.

  3. drpennypincher profile image93
    drpennypincherposted 3 years ago

    I started flying a remote controlled quad copter.  It takes some patience and skill to fly- I am still learning...  The helicopter only weighs 0.4 oz and measures 1.8 inches by 1.8 inches.  It can change direction almost instantly since it is so light and has a gyroscope on-board to keep it stable.  I have wanted to fly a remote controlled helicopter for years, but they were quite expensive.  This tiny one only cost $40!  Fun Fun Fun!

  4. Bubblegum Jones profile image61
    Bubblegum Jonesposted 3 years ago

    My hobby is working on cars & writing on the Internet.

  5. ilikegames profile image80
    ilikegamesposted 3 years ago

    Definitely gaming. I spend lots of time playing, researching and even watching video games, I'm hooked!

  6. Deathmonkey7 profile image61
    Deathmonkey7posted 3 years ago

    I have a few different hobbies. I practice my art, build scale models, work on/build computers, edit videos or map for video games in my spare time.

  7. liesl5858 profile image89
    liesl5858posted 3 years ago

    I enjoy gardening and crocheting. I like growing my own vegetables, flowers and fruits. Gardening is my hobby really. I like to grow different kinds of vegetables because I like eating them especially Pak Choi. This is easy to grow and it is one of my favourite vegetables.

  8. Amanda108 profile image91
    Amanda108posted 3 years ago


    I'd also consider science fiction television to be a hobby. I don't just watch it passively. I get very involved. It stimulates my mind. I end up writing and reading about it and collecting.

  9. artist101 profile image68
    artist101posted 3 years ago


    I have many. I enjoy painting, sculpting, and photography. I enjoy portrait painting the most. People and drawing them are very interesting, and rewarding. Capturing a moment in time, whether thru art, or photography, Obviously, healing, natural remedies, as well as pharmacy, and health. The way the body has a way of healing, and regenerating itself is amazing. The opportunities to help others is very rewarding.
    Gardening, flowers, growing them, painting them, and photography of them. Again, amazing if you really think of it. Growing an amazing, and beautiful plant from a tiny seed. Thereby placing your mark on the world, and beautifying it as well for other generations to enjoy, as well as passing that torch onto your children, and the appreciation of that hobby as well.
    My eldest son has already gotten the desire to garden, and understand the knowledge of transpiring a wilted, dead plant into a glorious beautiful living thing. That can be appreciated for decades to come, as well as the many annuals that are appreciated for a season, but just as valuable to the landscape. Among my favorites are aziatic lilies, mums, hydrangeas, and jonquils. Impatiens are my preferred annuals, easy to maintain, and glorious color in the shade. I love grubbing in the dirt.
    Fashion, styles, and interior design as well. The changing of the season, the contrasting of color, style in clothing, and interiors.
    As I said my interests are many. Great Question!