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Do you play Pokémon Go?

  1. DH Reviews profile image52
    DH Reviewsposted 18 months ago

    Do you play Pokémon Go?

  2. Suilaruin profile image68
    Suilaruinposted 18 months ago

    No i dont because I dont have enough internet on my mobile!

  3. lisavollrath profile image97
    lisavollrathposted 18 months ago

    I played it for one day, and decided it would take up too much time, so I uninstalled the app.

  4. Paxash profile image99
    Paxashposted 18 months ago

    I played it pretty much daily when it came out, but that's dropped off a lot, mostly because my friends and I have become busier with work in the past couple months. I do still tend to have the app open any time I'm a passenger in a car now though.

  5. nochance profile image93
    nochanceposted 18 months ago

    I was obsessed when it came out but it dropped off when I moved to a much smaller town.

    You have much more success finding pokemon when you are around a bunch of other people also looking for pokemon.

  6. Dreamhowl profile image96
    Dreamhowlposted 18 months ago

    I do, but a lot more casually than when it first came out. I used to go on walks around the neighborhood every night; lately I just check the app once or twice a day.

  7. ChadCrouch profile image70
    ChadCrouchposted 18 months ago

    Never played it before. It is not available in my region though as far as I am aware.