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Metroid Prime Trillogy

  1. ryansjones profile image61
    ryansjonesposted 7 years ago

    Just out of curiousity, have any of you played Metroid Prime Trillogy on the Wii?  If so, what did you think of the game?  I played through the first installment in the trillogy and just started on the 2nd.  I thought the first game was fun, though it reminded me of the first Turok game a bit being a "silent" first person shooter and all.

  2. AdeleCosgroveBray profile image94
    AdeleCosgroveBrayposted 7 years ago

    I have an Metroid game on an old (original) Gameboy, which I've head now for around two decades and have still failed to finish the game- even once!!! smile

  3. Nik Aberle profile image53
    Nik Aberleposted 7 years ago

    Haven't had a chance yet, but it's on my list of things to do. I love the old school Metroid for SNES and hope the Wii doesn't ruin the IP.

  4. profile image45
    SmoothClaySkillzposted 7 years ago

    Metroid Prime Trilogy is actually incredibly good. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is my least favorite - something about the general setting of it, I think. Prime 3: Corruption is by far my favorite of the three, however. It drops the "silent" FPS deal, for quite a bit of the game (although you are still a silent protagonist)

  5. thefluffanutta profile image60
    thefluffanuttaposted 7 years ago

    I got this game last year, but I'm really struggling to get into it. I'm mostly used to playing FPS games with the mouse, so I find Nunchuck + Wiimote control rather tricky.

    Played multi-player (MP2: Echoes) with my nephew, and got totally slaughtered! smile