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Frog Toys - Fun Frog Toys For Kids

Updated on April 25, 2012

A Range Of Frog Toys

Frog toys come in all shapes and sizes and can be cute, cuddly, fun and educational. There's loads of choice when it comes to buying frog toys, are you looking for just plain cute and cuddly, or with a learning element. Maybe a fun game or an interactive frog. There's something for everyone when it comes to choosing frog toys.

Below are a range of frog toys from WEBKINZ to fun games where you have to make frogs jump in different ways to earn points, educational toys for learning to read, telling the time, puzzles and loads more. If you're looking for frog toys as gifts, there's plenty to choose from for all ages and all budgets.

Toys listed range from $2.45 - $49.99.

Frog Toys - Games

Frog Juice - This is a card game for two to four players based on a fairy tale theme. It's a strategy game where players have to win cards to create magic spells via matching numerical cards or by using special powers. Beautifully illustrated, this game is a winner for both kids and adults.

Leaping Frogs - This is a really fun game where you have to bounce your beanbag frog from the trampoline onto a lily pad. Lily pads are worth different points so in order to win you not only have to be acurate, you have to aim for the biggest scoring lily pads to beat your rivals. This game is for two or more players.

Frog Tennis - Using a button operated racquet (a bit like a mini catapult) you have to flip your frog over the net and avoid landing in the pond. Each time a frog hits the pond electronic splash, ribbits and croak noises are made. The aim of the game is to volley the frog over the net with each hit earning a point, the first to five points wins. This fun game is for two players.

Frog Toys - Educational

Tag Activity Storybook: The Princess and the Frog - Make the story come alive with the tag reader to make words talk and pictures sing. This is a great way to get kids reading, learning vocabulary and pronunciation. After they're read the story, there's lots of educational activities for kids to enjoy.

Learn With Me Activity Frog - Great for teaching little ones the days of the week and how to tell the time. The frog's limbs have different words and icons on them such as sun and AM, moon and PM, day and cloud, night and star. On the belly of the frog there is a textile clock with moveable hands.

Feed and Learn Singing Frog - This fun interactive frog asks kids questions and helps them to choose the correct answers. He sings about places, colors, animals, counting and more. Feed the frog chips with different icons on to engage children in educational conversation.

Toy Frogs - WEBKINZ

If you're looking for a virtual pet for your little one, WEBKINZ is the way to go. Enter the special code attached to the plush toy and discover a whole new world of online pet and owner interaction.

A child can bring their plush pet to life online, name it, play games and make it a home that can be filled with all manner of treats and furniture.

There's a choice of WEBKINZ frogs to choose from as you can see to the right. A regular frog, a tree frog, spotted frog and bullfrog.

All cute and cuddly, but with the added bonus of hours of fun of online interaction with them.

Frog Toys - Puzzles

3D Wooden Puzzle Frog - A challenging puzzle comprising of 38 pieces that when put together properly becomes a 3D frog!

One Hundred Frogs and a Fly Puzzle - This large puzzle when completed measures 18 x 24". Containing over 300 oversized pieces, this is a colorful puzzle that will provide hours of frog puzzle fun.

3D Anatomic Frog Model Puzzle - A 31 piece puzzle that shows the anatomical make up of a frog. Great for anyone with an interest in biology and puzzles!


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