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Barbie Wedding Dresses, Wedding Barbie Dolls and Barbie Wedding Sets

Updated on April 25, 2012

Barbie Wedding

Here's a stunning selection of Barbie wedding dresses, Barbie wedding dolls and Barbie wedding sets to choose from. If you're looking for a gift for a girlie girl, this is the perfect choice as every girlie girl loves Barbie and weddings! For ages 3 years and up, the Barbie wedding pieces are great gifts that cover a wide age range.

There's are also great gifts for Barbie collectors, you don't have to be little to love Barbie! There's a beautiful 50th anniversary Barbie and Ken wedding set and an Elvis and Priscilla Presley Wedding set too.

Choose from a gorgeous selection of different wedding dress designs, Barbie brides and wedding sets that includes Barbie wedding dolls and accessories. See below for the choices available.

Barbie Wedding Dresses

Here's a beautiful selection of Barbie wedding dresses made for or by Olivias Doll Closet. These are really stand out Barbie wedding dresses that come in various styles. These aren't official Barbie wedding dresses by Mattel, but they're a great alternative.

There are some Mattel Barbie wedding dresses available as you will have seen above, but they're all retired pieces that are very low in stock. Mattel generally make wedding Barbies now that come with the dress, Mattel wedding dresses for Barbie aren't usually individual pieces anymore.

The Barbie wedding dresses listed are really affordable pieces that little girls will adore dressing Barbie in. There's lots of different dresses to choose from and any girlie girl will love playing wedding planner for Barbie!

There's lots of Barbie outfits to choose from, but the wedding dress is something special. If you want to buy an individual Barbie wedding dress, these are the ones to go for.

Maybe you've bought a wedding Barbie doll, but want different dress options to choose from. Or maybe you have one of the many Barbie's available and just want a wedding dress for your collection, this is the best way to get hold of individual Barbie wedding dresses these days.

Olivias Doll Closet have some gorgeous Barbie wedding dresses to choose from. If you want to see a more detailed view, go through to the product pages where there photos are much clearer.

This is a really stunning selection that little girls will love to have in their Barbie clothing collections.

Wedding Barbie

Here's the beautiful selection of wedding Barbies currently available to buy.You might notice that there are a few old school Barbie's listed that are now retired. Much like the Mattel wedding dresses, if you want these in your collection, be quick because stocks are very limited.

There are various price points on these wedding Barbies, so there's a doll to suit all budgets.

If you are looking to start a little one a Barbie collection, these are great starting points. Alternatively, if they already have Barbie's, any of these wedding Barbie's would make a great addition to an existing collection.

These are gorgeous dolls that are beautiful, romantic and elegant. Any girlie girl would love to have a wedding Barbie in their collection, it's a cute play theme that will run until Barbie is no longer cool to play with, and that usually takes years!

There's lots of play scenarios for wedding Barbie to be set in, and teamed with other Barbie wedding accessories, this is a theme that will provide lots of fun and playful activities.

The photo listings don't give the full extent of detail on the Barbie's or their wedding dresses, if you want to see more, go through to the product pages to see the true beauty of these Barbie's. They're really special dolls that deserve to be in a much loved collection.

Every Barbie collection should have a wedding Barbie in it, these are beautifully elegant dolls that little girls will simply adore.


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