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Perfect World - What Are The Races and Classes ?

Updated on May 11, 2018
Jadelynx-HP profile image

Tracey has been writing online for over 10 years. She also is a graphical artist for social media sites. She loves writing about home life!

What Are the Races and Classes in Perfect World ?

The following is a short guide to the races and classes that are available in the MMORPG Perfect World. The characters you can make are very interesting, with humanoid, beast and elf races to choose from. All the classes are fun, which one will be your favorite depends on what kind of play you prefer. Just about any type you want, you will find here.

First, let's take a look at character creation.

If you want an introduction and information on Perfect World and how to play it, check out my article Introduction to Perfect World

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Character Creation - Lots of Choices

Character creation is always one of the most fun parts of a new game. You go in, wondering what kind of toon you will be able to make...what they will look like. Trust me, you will not be disappointed !

As you can see, Perfect World has more customization for their characters than almost any other game out there. You can make your character look however you want, down to how far apart his or her eyes are. There are dozens of hair styles, some off them are even in style ! You can put on eyeshadow (over a dozen varieties)and lipstick, you choose the color, from pink to blue to black and every shade in between. I have never had such fun making a character. The first one I made took over an hour, just to decide all the variables.

Now comes the best news of all. Once you make your character you have TWO WHOLE DAYS to go back in and re-edit what they look like. Yep, if you decide, after an hour of play, that you just can't live with that green hair you chose, or the sumo wrestler just log out, and hit edit and you can change it. After two day, the character locks and you can't change it anymore. I found this feature to be one of the coolest things I have ever found for character creation. One more thing about characters, if you decide to delete one, you must wait 7 days for it to disappear, and you can change your mind and undelete at any time during those 7 days. A great feature for hot heads that delete their toon in a moment of anger.

There are 8 slots for characters, per account. However, if you are an altaholic like I am, you can always make another account (since it's FREE) and make more toons!

So lets move on to the race and class choices you have in Perfect World. They may not be as extensive as you find in other games, but they do cover all the bases for classes you might want to play.....melee warrior type, healer, caster, ranged DPS and so on.

Winged Elf Archer - Ranged DPS

Wing elves are the only race that has the ability to fly at level 1. The wings that they use to fly do not make them move any faster than running speed however, so it is best used when trying to run from monsters. Though beware, there are monsters in the skies. Wing elves can be two classes, an Elf Archer and an Elf Priest.

Elf Archers are a ranged dps class. They mainly use bows and arrows. They have the longest range to attack monsters of any class. They have a very high crit %, and can usually kill mobs in a few hits. They can also deal physical and magical damage, depending on the attack you use. They are a decent class for pvp or pk. The bad things about an Elf Archer are that they have low HP, low physical defense, but decent magic defense. They must pay for their ammo, though some ammo does drop from monsters. Also, the damage they do is reduced if the monsters are within 5.00 m of them, or when flying in the air. The Major skills that they will need are Agi and Con, and Str for wearing armor.

Winged Elf Cleric / Priest - Healer

Winged Elf Clerics (Priests in MY) are the main healers of the game. They have the most support spells (buffs and heals) and a few attack spells. They are meant to fight in a group and are hard to solo with due to their low hp and low physical defense, so they cannot take a beating for too long before dying. Their healing however makes them always wanted in a party, and they are the only class that can rez. Their main stats are Int and Con, and they need enough Str to wear armor, and they use magic weapons and deal magic damage.

Untamed / Beastkind Male - Barbarian / Werebeast - Tank or DPS

Untamed (called Beastkind in the original PW) are half beast, half humanoids. They are the only race that can transform into an animal, and what animal you transform into depends on the class that you choose. There are two classes, Barbarian (Werebeast in the original PW) and Venomancer (Werefox in the original PW) Only males can be Barbarians (Werebeasts) and only females can be Venomancers (Werefoxes)

Barbarians (Werebeasts) are the main tanks of the game. They have the highest hp and physical defense in the game. They deal physical damage in melee combat. Barbarians (Werebeasts) can transform into a white tiger with flaming feet to enhance their hp and physical defense, and also increase their run speed by 20%, but at the cost of losing attack power. So their humanoid form is mostly for dps, and their tiger form is mostly for tanking. Since they are the main tanks in the game, they are always wanted in a party. The disadvantage of a barbarian (werebeast) is that they have low magic defense, their attack speed can be quite slow, and they do not have as much damage as magic dealers. Their main stats are Str and Con, and they need Agi to wear their armor.

Untamed / Beastkind Female - Venomancer / Werefox - DPS

Venomancers (Werefoxes) are the only class that can tame pets and summon fighting pets. They are also the only class that can create vanity pets (non-combat pets) for other players to have. They can either do range magic damage, or melee damage. Venomancers (Werefoxes) can transform into a fox, and this transformation is mostly for melee combat, though it does not do as much damage as humanoid form, which is primarily for ranged magic damage. They are an excellent solo class, and their pets are wonderful at tanking for them. The combination of you and your pet doing damage makes them good damage dealers. It is also a good class to do pvp or pk with. The disadvantage is that they have low hp and low physical defense, so they cannot take too many hits if their pet dies. If you want to be a caster venomancer (werefox), your main stats will be Int and Con, with enough Str to wear armor. If you want to be a melee venomancer (werefox) in fox form, your main stats are Str, Con, with enough Int to wear armor and cast the few melee spells.

Human Blademaster / Warrior - Tank or DPS

Humans are human, just like us ! They fly around on giant swords and can be two classes, Blademaster (Warrior) and Wizard. (Mage)

Bladenasters (Warriors) are the main melee dps in the game. They have a good amount of physical defense and attack power, and hp. Their attacks are pretty fast and they are good for pvp and pk. In the air however, it can be a bit difficult for them to attack. Their disadvantage is that they have low magic defense. Their main stats are Str and Con with enough Agi to wear armor. Also, they can pretty much use any weapon in the game, except magic weapons.

Human Wizard / Mage - Ranged DPS

Wizards (Mages) are the main ranged magic dps in the game. They use magic weapons and cast very strong spells. They have low hp and physical defense however and most of their spells take a long time to cast. This makes it a bit hard for pvp. At low levels it does not seem that they do any more damage than a werefox, though at higher levels they do massive amounts of damage, though their spells take a lot of mana to cast. Their main stats are Int and Con, and enough Str to wear armor.

Race from the Sea - Rising Tide Expansion


The Tideborn were once one of the four major races on Pangu. Long, long ago, they had to use some very powerful magic to stop the Rancor forces from destroying their home and their people and the result of that was powerful storms on their home seas that virutally cut them off from the rest of Perfect World. No one or nothing can get through the storms.

Unfortunately, the Tideborn were not the only race to be cut off in their section of Pangu; so did a race called the Night Terrors, sworn enemies of the Tideborn. Battles between the two races continue.......

Tideborn Assassin - Melee DPS


The Assassin is a very high damage class, alone or in a group. They have great bleed and DOT effects that help to make them one of the fastest killers in the game. Assassins also have offensive buffs to help make the most of each strike.

Unfortunately, Assassins do not have very much HP and almost no AOE skills and their attacks are very short range. This class dies easier than most of the others.

Tideborn Psychic - Caster DPS


Psychics are quick and powerful spell-casters that also have increased physical defenses in fish form. They also use buff spells that have an extremely fast casting rate and use a very small amount of MP at the beginning. Powerful AOE spells have additional effects at higher levels. Most enemies are killed before even reaching a Psychic, as they have very high damage attacks and use stun, hex and paralyze.

Psychics have two skill paths, Soul Force and Chain of Souls, each have their own abilities.

Earthguard - Genesis Expansion

The Earthguard are a millenia old race that lives underground. They are the protectors of Perfect World and were given the gift of the "Third Eye" by Pan Gu, to aid them in their battles to keep the world safe. The Earthguard have undergone rigid training from childhood to prepare them for the age of destruction and darkness, so they could fight and win against the upcoming evil. They are calm and efficient in the face of danger, and take their role as protector very seriously.

The Earthguard have two classes, the Seeker - a melee tank or dps, and the Mystic - a ranged dps or healer.

Earthguard Seeker

Tank or Melee DPS

The Earthguard Seeker is always at the front of the battlefield. With mighty swings of his sharply honed sword, he quickly cuts down anything in his path. A long and bitter past with the Wraith have left Seekers with no remorse for killing them in large numbers, quickly and unemotionally. Armed with debuffs and some ranged spells, a Seeker makes quick work of his enemies.

Earthguard Mystic - Ranged DPS or Healer

A clever and ingeneous protector, a Mystic uses magic to gather the energy around them, shape it and then unleash it whatever way they see fit. It may be a death-dealing explosion, taking out multiple foes, or a much needed heal, to aid a fallen comrade. The Mystic is the ultimate support class, as they can help help their party in any way that is needed.

Genies - Fun Companions

Genies are non-corporeal entities that players can get to help their character in many ways, not the least of which is buffs and debuffs. Genies have their own abilities and they must be leveled up, for maximum benefit. Below is information on obtaining and leveling your Genie.

You can get a Genie in one of three ways:

1. Via Quest from the Watcher of the Earth. Location near the Elder of every major city.

2. Via Production with the Watcher of the Earth.

3. Via Trade from other players.

There are four different kinds of Genies, identified by the seasons:

Longevity (Summer),

Discipline (Winter),

Zeal (Autumn),

Infliction (Spring).

Your genie will have one skill when you get them, but future skills must be gotten by leveling them and feeding them. The

About the Author - And Image Credits

Jade and Bayne are a happy Untamed couple that make their home on Pangu. While Bayne spends his days battling evil outside the den, Jade spends her time in more literary making these informative lenses. They are very happy in a Perfect World. :)

Image Credits ~ The Perfect World Logo is from a fansite package that was offered on the Perfect World Official site in the past. It is no longer offered to fans. All the other pictures, in this lens, are screenshots taken of my own characters, in my Perfect World Account. All of the collages in this lens are original works by Jade.

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  • SimonJay profile image

    SimonJay 4 years ago

    I am thinking of trying perfect world at some point not my type of mmorpg anymore but the story and maps and classes look like alot of fun. This lens was really useful in looking what the game as to offer class wise thanks very much.

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing.

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    Theres New race in PWI - Earthguard. In it theres Seeker and Mystic

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    I enjoyed your lens. I am well was a hardcore gamer before I got addicted to Squidoo. I am preoccupied with rift right now but am going to check this game out. I always play wizard dps types. I played everquest II for five years not to mention wow and rift. I did hardcore raid guild thing in everquest II. I miss it sometimes but squidoo is much more profitable. Enjoyed your Lens > blessed

  • ReviewsfromSandy profile image

    Sandy Mertens 6 years ago from Wisconsin

    Great lens.

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    @anonymous: there are 150 lvls

  • profile image

    anonymous 6 years ago

    i have lv 100 sin they pwn every lv 100 and i can solo almost all sins are the best!!

  • profile image

    anonymous 7 years ago

    its sooooooo awesome i love being untamed and becoming a tiger :)

  • profile image

    anonymous 7 years ago

    theres over 150 i know that much.

  • profile image

    anonymous 7 years ago

    i just wanna know how many levels are there for a char..!

  • profile image

    anonymous 8 years ago

    I love perfect world international

    , I actually have a blog about it. I TOO would like the rest of the world to see what they are missing

  • profile image

    anonymous 8 years ago

    i have lvl 77 cleric and yes the game is fun as

  • profile image

    anonymous 8 years ago

    ummm venos r girly and cute and the beast of girl chars XD

  • profile image

    anonymous 8 years ago

    guys consider this the game there lots of werebeast an they are totally going to runi your experince iso im going with something a little more rare either a cleric or a mage..wen i join the game my name will be nathan d legend

  • profile image

    anonymous 8 years ago

    i can't wait to play it it only took my pc 1hr lol im totaly being untamed (beastkind)

  • profile image

    anonymous 8 years ago

    i once almost downloaded it but i didnt wanna wait for 4 hours so i downloaded rappelz.. xD darn now i want to play PW D: i would choose the cleric like i always do.

  • profile image

    anonymous 8 years ago

    ur name is ballsackman and u like it very much.

  • profile image

    anonymous 8 years ago

    I wouls either be a mage or a winged priest.

  • profile image

    anonymous 8 years ago

    Ty 4 Genie Info 8)

  • profile image

    Beauti 8 years ago

    This game is great for a freebie! Much better than any other out there. Bravo!

  • profile image

    anonymous 8 years ago

    Nice game, but new races must be made for this game to be cooler

  • profile image

    anonymous 8 years ago

    game is superb the best only good coments

    igra je :)) mocna da bolja ne moze biti aaaaaaaaaaa

  • profile image

    anonymous 9 years ago


  • profile image

    anonymous 9 years ago

    Ova igra je super!

    This game is superb!


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