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Skyrim Become A Bloodkin

Updated on December 12, 2011

Skyrim Become A Bloodkin

In Skyrim, the hero can choose to become an orc blood-kin. The option is available, for example, if the hero approaches the orc stronghold of Dushnikh Yal. To enter the orc stronghold and trade with the orcs, the hero is asked by the orc chief to become an orc bloodkin by performing a heroic act. Becoming an orc bloodkin has many advantages including having a smaller village of orc traders and trainers to trade with rather than having to walk all around the city looking for a particular trader or trainer. In addition, within each stronghold are some orc followers which make pretty good tanks, if the hero is able to become an orc blood-kin and convince the orc followers to follow him.

Skyrim How to Become A Bloodkin

In Skyrim, the heroic act called for by the orc chief is to retrieve the Forgemaster's Fingers. One possible location of the Forgemaster's Fingers is in the Dragontooth Crater. If the Forgemaster's Fingers is to be found in the Dragontooth Crater, then this is an exciting location for the hero to travel to. Dragontooth Crater is, naturally, inhabited by a dragon. In addition, it is the site for finding the Elemental Fury Word of Power. So essentially, the hero can retrieve the Forgemaster's Fingers, learn the Elemental Fury Word of Power and absorb a dragon soul. Fantastic!

Skyrim Get to Dragontooth Crater and Defeating the Dragon

In Skyrim, the way to get to the Dragontooth Crater for the hero is to get to Karthspire Camp and from there to Four Skull Lookout. From Four Skull Lookout, head north to Karthwasten and then northwest from Karthwasten to Dragontooth Crater. This is a highly mountainous area, and it is likely the hero will end up looking down at the Dragontooth Crater from the top or near the top of some mountains. The fastest way to get down is to jump. To avoid any damage, remember to complete or at least have one word of the become ethereal dragon shout. Use the dragon shout, and then jump down, and prepare to face the dragon.

By the time most heroes get to facing the dragon at Dragontooth Crater, they will have a variety of techniques to defeat the dragon. These include dual destructive magic spells, dual sneak and attack using high quality or daedric dagger artifacts (Mehrunes' Razor, Blade of Woe, Nettlebane, Ebony, Glass Daggers, etc), using dual wielding quality weapons such as the Pale, the Mace of Molag Bal or Dawnbreaker, or quality two handed weapons with increased two handed damage from accessory gloves. Anyhow, the dragon is defeated easily. Go to the wall to absorb the Elemental Fury dragon word, and then approach the chest and loot it to get the Forgemaster's Fingers.

Now return to the appropriate orc chief and present the Forgemaster's Fingers. The hero will become an orc blood-kin. Ask one of the other orcs and the locations of the other orc strongholds in Skyrim will be revealed.


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