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Skyrim Defeating Warlord Gathrik

Updated on December 7, 2011

Skyrim Defeating Warlord Gathrik In Ironbind Barrow

In Skyrim, the Ironbind Barrow is a great dungeon to explore. The Ironbind Barrow contains lots of treasures (great loot!), a mighty draugr boss called Warlord Gathrik, allows the hero to dungeon crawl through Ironbind Barrow with two other NPCs - Beem-Ja and Salma and contains the become ethereal word of power dragon shout. This will guide the hero to get to Ironbind Barrow, and then finding the lever or solutions to open the gates within Ironbind Barrow so that the hero can proceed to the final chamber to defeat Warlord Gathrik. Tactics will be provided in defeating Warlord Gathrik in Ironbind Barrow.

Skyrim Get to Ironbind Barrow

In Skyrim, the hero must get to Ironbind Barrow to get into the action and defeat Warlord Gathrik. One of the ways for the hero to get to Ironbind Barrow is to first proceed to the Forsaken Cave. Then head west from the Forsaken Cave to reach Nightgate Inn. Have a break at the Nightgate Inn, and then travel up north and slight west and the hero will get to Ironbind Barrow.

Outside Ironbind Barrow, the hero will meet the two NPC adventurers Salma and Beem-Ja. Once Salma and Beem-Ja realize that the hero wants to explore Ironbind Barrow, they leap forwards and race into Ironbind Barrow first, eager to take all the treasures before the hero does. In gameplay terms, this just means the hero will be journeying with two NPCs through the Ironbind Barrow. This is perhaps a small taste of what would happen if Skyrim was made into a multiplayer rpg game.

Skyrm Ironbind Barrow How to Open the Gates and Get Past the Obstacles

In Skyrim, the Ironbind Barrow has two main gates which require the hero to open. For the first gate, the solution is found to the left of the of the gate (when facing the gate). There is a small lever in the alcove on the left which the hero must activate to open the first gate. The second gate is easier to open. Just lift the helmet of eminent conjuring on the pedestal and the gate will open. Keep the helmet as loot as it is good for conjuring spells.

In Skyrim Ironbind Barrow, the obstacles in the Ironbind Barrow are harder to overcome compared to the gates. The obstacles are the countless draugrs in the Ironbind Barrow, and include a draugr deathlord and a draugr scourge. And that is why the hero has two adventurer NPCs to accompany him. Let Salma and Beem-Ja weaken the draugrs first, and then move in with sneak attacks or normal melee or magical attacks to take down the draugrs permanently.

Skyrim Ironbind Barrow Defeating Warlord Gathrik

In Skyrim Ironbind Barrow, Warlord Gathrik lies in the final chamber. Warlord Gathrik is not alone; he has two skeletal archers and one skeletal mage helping him in the main chamber. There are several tactics to defeat Warlord Gathrik. First the hero should let Salma charge in and take all the attention away from the hero. For some reason, Beem-Ja appears to have disappeared for this fight. The hero will be wondering if Beem-Ja has been defeated by the draugrs and skeletons. Once Salma enters the fray, go into sneak mode and take out the two skeletal archers on the balcony. Then either sneak bow attack the skeletal mage at the bottom of the chamber, or wait for him to come up and sneak attack him, or just destroy him with destructive magic spells. The idea is to destroy these skeletal minions as fast as possible. This will allow Salma enough time to deal a few blows at Warlord Gathrik, and Warlord Gathrik will not come after the hero.

In Skyrim Ironbind Barrow, Salma is no much for Warlord Gathrik and will go into a kneeling position (the standard position for surrendering in Skyrim) soon. Make sure the hero goes into sneak mode before that. If the hero's sneak skill is high enough, then Gathrik will not detact the hero. Now move the hero to an ideal location for sneak attacking Gathrik. Salma will recover some of her health and start attacking Gathrik again. At this time, quickly move to the back of Gathrik and sneak attack Gathrik. With powerful daggers (at least Orcish level or above, or dagger artifacts like Mehrunes' Razor and Nettlebane), Gathrik's health will be severely depleted by the hero in one strike. Now run away and hide in one corner and allow Salma to distract Gathrik again and repeat the process. With this technique, Gathrik will be defeated. Of course, the hero can also try dual destruction magic spells, or just the good old hack and slash method with two handed weapons, along with the good old Fire Breath Dragon Shout or Slow Time Dragon Shout.

With Warlord Gathrik defeated, it is time to reap the rewards of venturing through Ironbind Barrow (see below). However, as the hero reaches for the Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls behind Warlord Gathrik's throne, Beem-Ja suddenly appears and speaks to the hero. And then Warlord Gathrik is resurrected......... To defeat Warlord Gathrik a second time, the key here is not to defeat Gathrik directly, but to defeat the wizard who has resurrected Warlord Gathrik.

Skyrim Rewards of Ironbind Barrow

In Skyrim, the rewards of Ironbind Barrow are plentiful. Some of the rewards may be dependent on the hero's level. It is recommended only moderate to high level heroes go into Ironbind Barrow to defeat Warlord Gathrik, as this quest may be too difficult at low levels. Anyhow, the rewards collected for this particular hero include

  • the Dwarven Helmet of Eminent Conjuring
  • the Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls
  • the Become Ethereal Word of Power (for completion of the Become Ethereal Dragon Shout, and see below) - this is on the wall in front of the throne of Warlord Gathrik
  • Steel Armor of the Minor Knight (in a chest inside Ironbind Barrow)
  • if the hero heads out of Ironbind Barrow into Ironbind Outlook and turns to the left, there is a chest containing Ebony Armor.
  • further up the slope on the left are two chests containing more treasures (may be level and hero dependent) - Amulet of Kynareth, Circlet of Major Alchemy, Necklace of Sure Grip (+20% damage with two handed weapons; this is a must have for 2 handed damage intensive heroes) and Necklace of Waning Shock.

And the treasures do not stop here. If the hero stops at Ironbind Overlook, he will notice a small steel plank begging the hero to jump. The Become Ethereal Word of Power is not located in Ironbind Barrow for no reason. Now activate the Become Ethereal Dragon Shout (the hero should ideally have the complete Become Ethereal Dragon Shout - Fade, Spirit and Bind; it is a very very long way down) and jump! When the hero lands (taking no damage) and turns around, he will notice an altar to Arkay. Pray here to receive the blessings of Arkay and pick up the Amulet of Arkay here.


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