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Skyrim Fighting Alduin At the Throat of the World

Updated on January 1, 2015

Skyrim First Fight with Alduin at Throat of the World

In Skyrim, the hero returns to the Throat of the World, and activates the Elder Scroll to learn the Dragonrend Shout. When the elder scroll is activated, Alduin will detect the time disturbance and arrive to fight the hero at the Throat of the World. This will guide the hero and provide tactics in the first fight against Alduin. The first fight against Alduin is tough and knowing the right tactics in the fight against Alduin will allow the hero to survive and actually enjoy the fight with Alduin.

Skyrim Learn the Dragonrend Shout

Skyrim Prepare to Fight Alduin

In Skyrim, the hero should prepare for the first fight against Alduin before actually activating the Elder Scroll and fighting Alduin. The key to this battle is to have enough health points and magicka points to survive, and stamina to do power attacks and critically hit Alduin repeatedly. Therefore the following items are important for the hero as he prepares to fight Alduin.

  • Dragonbane
  • Lots of Health Potions and if possible, Potion of Plentiful Health
  • the Restorative Spell Healing
  • Potion of the Warrior and other equivalent strength and melee boosting potions
  • Potion of Stamina and Extreme Stamina
  • Potions to restore Magicka

The hero should arm Healing on the left hand, and Dragonbane on the right before entering the fight against Alduin.

Skyrim Tactics in First Fight Against Alduin

In Skyrim, the first fight against Alduin takes place at the Throat of the World. Alduin will be flying around the large snow clearing at the Throat of the World. Occasionally Alduin will stop midair in a dragon poised stance and launch firestorm like firebreath down onto the hero. This is the chance for the hero to use Dragonrend against Alduin. Otherwise, Alduin will be flying too fast for the hero to accurately use Dragonrend. Also, the dragon Paarthurnax will be assisting the hero in trying to defeat Alduin. The two dragons are difficult to differentiate in midair and in the swirling snowstorm during the fight. Therefore allowing Alduin to achieve the abovementioned position and then activating Dragonrend seems to be the way to go.

Once dragonrend is activated, Alduin will be covered in a bluish tinge and will fly around the Throat of the World once before crash landing onto the large snowy clearing. Quench all those strength, berserker, warrior and stamina potions and rush in and hack at Alduin with all the hero's might and stamina to create as much power attacks and critical attacks as possible. Alduin will take about three or four swipes from the hero, and then shake off Dragonrend and fly off again. The hero then has to repeat the above process to ground Alduin and attack him.

When Alduin is in attack mode, the hero should try to find the nearest alcove and then heal up as much as possible with the Healing spell or potions of health. Be careful of the rock avalanches that Alduin can create in these alcoves.

Once Alduin's health is reduced significantly from the repeated Dragonrend and attack by the hero, he will crash land for the final time, and not be able to fly again. Now for the ultimate power speed attack against Alduin. Quench all remaining potions available for strength and power attacks not used, and move in and just repeatedly hack at Alduin using Dragonbane or the hero's preferred melee weapons, and Alduin will be defeated!

Well, for the first time anyway........

Skyrim End of First Fight with Alduin

In Skyrim, the end of the first fight against Alduin is heralded by Alduin's health reaching zero, and then Alduin declaring that he is the firstborn and cannot be defeated at the Throat of the World. With that, Alduin flies off. Speak to Paarthurnax, Esbern or Arngeir after the first fight with Alduin, and continue in the skyrim main quest to end the reign of terror of Alduin.

Skyrim Finishing Stages of Main Quest


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