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SWTOR Get to and Inside Ulgo Fortress

Updated on January 9, 2012

SWTOR Get to and Inside Ulgo Fortress

In SWTOR, the hero can collect two quests called Vengeance of the Fallen and Pre-emptive Strike, and do them at the same time within the same area. The hero can get the pre-emptive strike quest from Stanel Thul at the Outpost Bolym on Alderaan. This quest will only be available after completing the Hive Mined quest from Stanel Thul. Then the hero travels down the road north and finds the droid C86, whose "friends" have been decimated by the Ulgo forces. The droid C86 requests the hero infiltrate the ulgo base north of the Outpost Bolym to disable the ulgo comm generator, the ulgo supply ship and plant an air strike beacon on an AA gun. This will guide the hero in achieving the above objectives in the Vengeance of the Fallen and Pre-emptive Strike quests.

SWTOR Get to the Ulgo Comm Generator

In SWTOR, the hero must get to the Ulgo Comm Generator. First use the map to head to the Ulgo base. Next find a ramp and head up past all the ulgo guards. After going up a series of ramps, the hero will reach an icy plateau where more ramps have been built. If the hero is a sith assassin, this part is easy, and sneak will allow the sith assassin to go past the ulgo guards. If the guards are grouped too closely together or are of the silver level type, then use blackout to elevate the sneak level of the hero. Once the icy plateau is reached, find the ramp that is furthest away from the hero and go for it. That ramp will lead up to a gold level mob - the Ulgo Colonel. If the hero is up for a challenge, or has brought a PC gamer friend along for this Vengeance of the Fallen mission, then attack the Ulgo Colonel. Otherwise use sneak and blackout to avoid the colonel, and instead move forward to attack the less formidable mobs behind the Ulgo Colonel. Be careful not to aggravate the Ulgo Colonel though. Once the easy mobs are defeated, then use the appropriate weapon to disable the ulgo comm generator. Continue to avoid the ulgo colonel by jumping down from the upper levels.

SWTOR Get to the Ulgo Supply Ship and AA Gun

In SWTOR, once the ramp with the ulgo comm generator is reached, round the ramp and find a cave opening that will lead inside the Ulgo Fortress. Head inside and then find a way through more ulgo guards and out onto another icy plateau where the ulgo supply ships are located. Use the map to locate one of the ulgo supply ship, and get to the ulgo supply ship. Then destroy the ulgo supply ship panel to disable the ulgo supply ship.

In SWTOR, once the ulgo supply ship has been disabled, head past a bridge and onto an area where the AA gun is located. Go to the AA gun and plant a strike beacon on the AA gun. Watch as the AA gun is destroyed. Now use the map and head for the ulgo fortress.

SWTOR Get Inside the Ulgo Fortress

In SWTOR, the hero must get inside the ulgo fortress to plant the Balarium Detonator. To get inside the ulgo fortress, the hero must first get past three barricades of ulgo guards. Again if the hero is a sith assassin, then this part is easy. Use sneak and blackout to sneak past each barricade. If the sith assassin does not want any fight, then it is imperative to allow blackout to cool down before using it again. After passing through the three barricades, the hero will reach the inside of the ulgo fortress. Again use the map to find the location to plant the Balarium Detonator.

Close to the Balarium Detonator will be a gold level droid. The sith assassin can actually sneak and plant the balarium detonator before the droid is activated. Once the Balarium detonator is planted, run for your life, both from the impending explosion and from the gold level droid. Use force run to help you run. Keep running until the safe room is reached. Use the map to guide you. Now turn around and see a panel for sealing off the safe room from the explosion. Activate the panel and then go outside (in stealth mode) and the Pre-emptive Strike mission is almost completed. Use fast travel to return to Outpost Bolym, and report to both Stanel Thul and C86 that both missions have been completed. Get the rewards for both quests, and these can include some high level items or lockboxes.


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