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Witcher 2 Roses of Remembrance - Romancing Triss Merigold

Updated on April 27, 2015

Witcher 2 Roses of Remembrance

Witcher 2 Roses of Remembrance - Getting Intimate with Triss Merigold
Witcher 2 Roses of Remembrance - Getting Intimate with Triss Merigold

Witcher 2 Roses of Remembrance - Romancing Triss Merigold

The witcher 2 roses of remembrance quest is initiated after talking to Loredo, accepting his quest to find and capture Iorveth the elf, and coming out of the Loredo Mansion. Geralt may have to complete the defeating the Kayran quest for this to happen.

Outside the gates, remember to collect the witcher 2 Geralt silver sword and other weapons. Triss Merigold will meet you outside the gate and ask you what went on with the commander Loredo. This quest is an opportunity to consummate Geralt's relationship with Triss, so seize the opportunity. To start this quest, accept Triss's invitation to look for the captured elf and Iorveth's second in command on the prison barge. The elf's name is Ciaran. Use the conversational options to obtain either the Persuasion skill or Intimidation skill. Manage this conversation well, and Geralt will learn the name of the Kingslayer - Letho the witcher. Also, Geralt will start to regain his memories.

  • Who will you romance - Triss (Witcher 2), Yennifer or Ciri (Witcher 3)? Let's recap the initial romance with Triss Merigold in the Witcher 2 start.

  • In Flotsam, rekindle Geralt's romance with Triss Merigold. Just do what she says.

Witcher 2 Geralt Lost Memories and A Rose of Remembrance

Geralt's memories are jolted at this stage, and consists of him being on an isle of paradise and living with the woman of his dreams - Yennefer. The Wraiths arrive to take Yennefer away and Geralt is helpless to stop them. He returns to the world and attempts to find Yennefer and in so doing loses his memories, stumbling into the castle stronghold and the cutscene that initiated the witcher 1 story. He opens his eyes and tells Triss the story, and Triss tells him that she is likely able to cast a spell to help him regain those memories. But she needs a rose of remembrance. Luckily Ciaran has pointed out the location of the garden of roses of remembrance, and so Geralt and Triss set forth to obtain the rose of remembrance.

Witcher 2 Roses of Remembrance Monsters Encounter

There are several monsters encountered on the route to recover the rose or roses of remembrance. Amongst them include the Endregas - giant spider like creatures, and the Nekkers. Eventually the couple Geralt and Triss arrive at the garden of remembrance and a rather romantic talk starts between the couple about the garden of remembrance, and how when a rose is presented from a lover to another who loves him or her, the rose of remembrance will never wilt. Take the cue and present Triss with a rose of remembrance, saying that their love will never die. Unfortunately this romantic moment is destroyed by some bandits. Destroy them and attempt to continue the conversation. However, the ground beneath Triss and Geralt breaks away and they fall into the inner sanctum of the Garden of Roses of Remembrance.

Witcher 2 Geralt and Trish Intimate Scene

Within this inner sanctum, Triss says that they are "stuck". This is obviously an opportunity for Geralt to look at Triss, and suggest she takes a bath. Triss needs no further invitation, and then drags Geralt into the bath, consummating the intimate relationship between Geralt and Triss.

After the bath, Triss asks Geralt if he truly wishes to remember the events and memories lost to him. She emphasizes that she will stay with him even if he remembers the other woman he loves - Yennifer. The player has a choice to proceed with the mission alone or with Triss Merigold. Also the player has to take a stand between choosing Iorveth or Vernon Roche.

The witcher 2 is truly a role-playing master game, offering players action and romance, whether on the battlefield or in the bath. Outstanding game of the year 2011 so far!


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