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Updated on January 7, 2011

"Tic Toc - Tic Toc" !

Don't Worry You Can't Out Run The Clock !
Don't Worry You Can't Out Run The Clock !

On The Clock

 Are You One of those people who are “On The Clock. You’re the ones I see either racing to the stop lights or going through the stop lights. There is not a day that goes by where no matter how our day went yours went drastically wrong. Now your late for everything, late at heading to the store, late at heading to your doctor’s appt, nail appt or hair appt. You’re late for shopping, golfing, drinking beer with your buddies. We see you racing quickly down the highways, speeding down to the last stop on the freeways.  And it just doesn’t stop there, everything in your mind is racing, no time to cook dinner, prepare lunch for tomorrow or even to baby sit your own dayum kids. Whew you made it; you’re only an hour late.

Red Light Driver

recreation in your flavored colored drink
recreation in your flavored colored drink
red dices lit so brightly
red dices lit so brightly

Is a Schedule in your future?

 You hold the latest gadgetry in high tech phones, you’re an apple person, no I pad – or even better HTC is the name of your game. You run on high octane fuel only, maybe Red bull, Rockstar and a list of others just in case I forgot to mention yours here. Even better if your upset because the FDA pulled your favorite octane drink known as Cocaine, because  you felt for once you  had the DEA beat because now they had your favorite past time recreation in your flavored colored drink.  Yes you predicted it; a schedule is in your future. If by chance there is no doubt that you have in use every feature on your phone including the download of every app that you could lay your hands on for free; you’re in the middle of a crisis If your schedule is always booked and you have to juggle appointments as if they were red dices lit so brightly you still have a hard time seeing them clearly.  You’re in the middle of a prominent breakdown.

Have You Read Your Chapter !
Have You Read Your Chapter !

"Far From Heaven"

 "Read a Chapter" of the book as it intensifies your mind as you discover what it was like to be stationed in Panama. We here at Keoya Business Ventures want to bring you the best in reading.

This is why we offer to you the reader an insight into our books.


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