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2 quick and simple strategies to become totally free from fear

Updated on August 2, 2011

What is fear?

We all face fear and facing fear in everyday life is very common. We become victim of our own limited perceptions and imagination. Once we know how fear operates, once we see this whole process in action we can easily become free from fear.

Do you know how fear works? Have you ever seen fear in action? What happens when you become fearful? Right now you are sitting in front of your computer, this moment you are not fearful. But suddenly a thought of tomorrow comes and you are fearful. What may happen tomorrow? What will happen in my exams? What will happen in my interview? This is fear. It is a thought of tomorrow. It is not present in this moment. It is in tomorrow. Just notice this for yourself.

From where this fear comes?

Sometimes this fear also comes from past events. For example I suffered from bad a relationship or illness and there is memory of this past. Your mind goes back to those painful memories and lives those memories again and there is a thought that this may repeat again. This is fear. So now we understand that fear is never in the present moment. It is only there when you worry about past or future. Otherwise there is no fear. You have to create it by your own thoughts and imagination.

We are not alert most of the time. If you look at yourself or others then you will notice that everyone is living either in the past memories or in the future hopes. There is uncertainty in life and future is uncertain. This is the cause of fear. If your mind is constantly engaged in seeking security then you will always live in fear. Escape from the present moment is the action of fear. And you can not become fearful without using your imagination. You have to imagine and create fearful images and thoughts to get really fearful.

You are the director, producer and actor of your own mind movie. And if you are not conscious then you become victim of your own mind. Then you go to a therapist or gurus or try to find answers in scriptures. Nothing helps until you see all this process of the mind of creating fear. Just see, look inside and learn how your mind works. In that passive watching itself you will find the answer.

2 Simple ways to become free from fear

  • Quick way to get free from fear: It does not take years to get free from your so called deep rooted unconscious fears. Just see for yourself how you create fear by worrying about things which does not exist in reality. Almost all fearful thoughts never come true. They are only projected by your own mind.
    Whenever there is fear don't try to suppress it or try to run away from it. Just look into your mind and watch and see what happens. You will find fear melting in front of your eyes like mist. Fear is like darkness. It can not survive in front of the light of awareness. This passive watching of your thoughts and emotions is also known as mindfulness meditation.
  • Using visualization to getting free from fear: You can play with your fearful thoughts and imagination. If there are some unpleasant thoughts and images running in your mind and you are feeling fearful and panic then close your eyes. Run that movie in your mind which is making you fearful, if it is colorful and bright than make it black and white and dull. If it is life size and 3D than transform it into a small 2D image. If there are any sounds in that mental movie then reduce the sound. Replay that movie in reverse order and give it a background sound of a cartoon movie. Open your eyes and try to become fearful again. You will not get succeed because you have reprogrammed your mind in a different way. If imagination can create fear then it can also destroy it.

So these are the two ways to handle fear, either you become aware and come back to the present moment or change your imagination. Fear is nothing but False Evidence Appearing Real.


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