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What Are The Most Pleasant Ways To Fight Stress?

Updated on September 1, 2012

Stress and its Extremely Negative Effect on Your Health

According to statistics - women face stressful situations twice more often than men. But whatever the reason of stress is, the body reacts to it practically the same: the adrenal glands begin to actively produce adrenaline and other hormones of stress. This leads to tachycardia, increased blood pressure, respiration quickens, change the water-salt balance, increases the sugar in the blood, etc. 
Stress, like any disorder of the digestive system, makes its presence visible on the skin. On the female body in general, stress has an extremely negative effect: frequent or chronic headaches, panic reaction, and infertility, the quick aging of the skin and deterioration, gastritis, stomach pains, a set of extra pounds of cellulite. All happens because of the stress.

Water treatment fights stress
Water treatment fights stress

Often when a person faces a lot of stress he/she begins to eat a lot and accumulates fat, mainly on the external and internal parts of the thighs and butt. When the eyes tear and you want to do at least something to please you, the food comes as a savior. Prolonged stress can lead to anorexia and bulimia.
And, of course, cellulite becomes to be more and more visible. After all, stress disrupted the work of the whole organism. Disrupt normal lymphatic system, pulmonary circulation and venous blood flow, completely broken and unbalanced metabolism. And it was the metabolic processes, normal blood circulation and normal functioning of the lymphatic system are necessary to sustain fat tissue in a healthy condition. And any violation of the lymph and blood circulation will certainly lead to the appearance of cellulite.

5 Pleasant Rules to Fight Stress

1. Try to enjoy all kinds of water treatment: a relaxing bath with foam and aromatic oils, pool, douches, cool off with cold wet towel, or you can simply stand 5-10 minutes under a warm, pleasant, enveloping shower jets (What a light massage!). The water has a unique propriety to fight stress.

2. Sleep enough. It is very important.

3. It is desirable to devote some time to physical exercises. Not necessarily to go to the gym. Simply be active in the house. Squats, push-ups, dancing –any physical activity.

4. Relaxing. We all feel a terrible lack of touch. But the body is longing to it! What is the easiest way to calm a person? Or a child? A hug and pat on the back. Intuitively, we understand that the touch has a huge effect. Children often ask that, they want simply to be patted. It's very encouraging, besides it gives a sense of reliability and security. It is all we need in a kind stressful situation, the feeling of security and peace of mind.

5. Shopping - an excellent tool to fight depression. Go to the store, buy yourself some new bright clothes, and let them all to envy you.

Let us agree the rules provided here are amazing:relaxing bath with aromatic oils, cozy sleeping, dancing, touching, and shopping. It is nice to be happy and healthy again.

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