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5 Ways to Speed up Weight Loss

Updated on April 3, 2017

Is there a way to speed up weight loss? Losing weight is not an easy task and there are no easy way around it. You must have healthy eating habits, eat fruits and vegetables and have an exercise plan for sure. But here are a few tips to add to your healthy lifestyle towards weight loss. These can surely help you lose a few pounds.


The teas that I have tried and received some success are Green tea, white tea and oolong teas. Drinking more than 3 cups of Green tea daily increases your metabolism, so you burn fat and rapidly lose weight.

There are regular Green tea, decaffeniated green tea, flavored green tea. Some flavored Green include mint, blueberry, lemon, raspberry, pomegranate, citrus and others as well. You can also choose to drink green iced tea daily. Drink green tea before your meals. It suppresses your appetitie.

Green tea has many other health benefits like protecting you against cancer, relieves you of stress, prevents and treats heart disease and diabetes.

White Tea actually prevent the new fat cells from forming. You can drink white tea either hot or cold. It is most effective to take before having lunch. White Tea also comes in flavors like citrus, Pear, blueberry, strawberry and many others.

Oolong Tea sometimes known as Wu Lung and also Wu Long, is a Chinese tea. This tea increases your metabolism, helps with stress and loaded with antioxidants,

I believe that there are other healthy teas to reduce weight loss as well.

From The Experts

Drink Water

Drink 7-8 glasses of water a day or plenty of filtered and bottled water daily.

It curbs your appetite. A grea tip is when you feel hungry, drink water instead of food, or sweets. Also, there are studies that show if you drink two full tall glasses of water before each meal, you would lose more weight.

So replace those juices and sodas loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners with pure water or water with a hint of squeezed lemon or lime.

Develop an exercise plan that works best for you.

Always have some sort of cardio workout. Whether it is going on the treadmill, jogging around the block, doing jumping jacks, jump rope or following a workout on DVD, do it. If you are a busy mom, student, or whatever you do and can't do 30 minutes a day of exercise, then you can surely squeeze in 10-20 minutes of exercise daily.

Also, you can do exercises to target a certain part of your body like your abs, upper body and lower body.

Two Amazing Workout to Lose Weight Fast

Jessica Smith is an Amazing Fitness Trainer

Awesome Workout

Eat Less Sugar and Products loaded with Sugar

Cakes, Donuts, Chocolate, candies, cookies are full of sugar. They may taste wonderful and you feel great eating them, but they actually add more pounds and eventually drain you of energy and sleep.

Drink Fresh Vegetable Juices

This is simply creating fresh juices with your blender or juicer by using celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, or dark green vegetables. This not only helps you to lose weight, but also curbs your appetite and wonderful booster for the immune system. You can use leafy vegetables as well and add one or more fruits to sweeten the taste. There are natural healthy fruit and vegetable juices sold in the stores like Naked Juice brand, Bolthouse and V8.


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