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Brain Foods To Increase Your Memory

Updated on May 27, 2014

Berries And More Berries

1. Berries the brain food to improve memory. Specifically blueberriesare the power berries to improve memory. Berries are chucked full of antioxidants. Eating just a 1/4 cup of blueberries everyday will help your memory. True Stories; Two examples in particular my aunt who noticed she was becoming more forgetful started to worry, and asked her doctor if there was anything she could do to help her memory. He told her blueberries, everyday. She started eating blueberries everyday, and noticed an improvement in her memory. The second example is my mom she constantly holds up the blueberry flag declarring how they have really helped her. For the past 2 months or so she has not missed a single day of eating her berries and tells me not only did it help her memory, but has given her a second benefit with elimination.

Blueberries And Beyond

Blueberries are the best because of the anthocyanic purple blue pigments and chlorogenic acid found in them. Not only do they help the brain but they are excellent anti-inflammatory agents within them. Other berries which have great health benefits are cherries, cranberries, and raspberries.

Spinach 4 memory
Spinach 4 memory

Mother Always Said Eat Your Spinach

2. Spinach contains potassium, magnesium, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6, and folic acid which are a great combination for brain power. The folic acid in spinach help protect neurons in the brain. These vitamins also play a big part in helping to make healthy red blood cells which is the vehicle to carry oxygen to the brain. Spinach has multitude benefits besides being a healthy brain food. The potassium and magnesium are proven agents in helping to lower the blood pressure.  So listening to your mother when she said eat your spinach she's right. Keeping eating your spinach.


3.Oranges are mostly known for their high concentration of vitamin C. Whether eaten fresh or as fresh orange juice, they are powerful brain boosters, and they are well-known as being a great immune booster. Oranges also protect against heart disease. Oranges contain flavonoids which also is an added benefit for helping to prevent varicose veins.

Oranges being high in vitamin C is the agent to protect your body againt free radicals which are damaging to the body. Vitamin C is a powerful antiodants. Oranges are heart healthy, and, great for starting your day with a glass of orange juice.

Baked Potato

Great for memory and lowering blood pressure
Great for memory and lowering blood pressure

Baked Potato

4. Who knew? Potatoes to improve memory. Yes potatoes do help with memory. Potatoes are loaded with potassium which is a nutrient to aid in lowering and/or regulating blood pressure.

5. Black-eyed peas and not the Yes black-eye peas are a great source for brain power and improving memory. Black-eye peas also has calcuim which is an added bonus.

6. Pomegrante, do not worry drinking pomegrante juice is just as good. Pomegrante has multi-purpose benefits. Remember the rule rich color foods everyday in your diet. Dark greens, and your pomegrante is also been said to be good for helping to prevent cancer. Pretty much most health nuts are familiar with foods which help to boost your memory. I tried to find some other alternatives that are less commonly found on most super brain food list.

As always your nuts, and whole grains such as flaxseed oil, walnuts, and omega 3 are always good to mention.

Pomegrante To Your Memory

Pomegranate for health and memomry
Pomegranate for health and memomry

Brain Power!


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  • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

    Chitrangada Sharan 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

    Great hub with useful information!

    Thanks for providing the list of Brain foods to increase memory and I am sure it will help many.

  • Jlava73 profile image

    Jennifer Vasconcelos 5 years ago from Cyberspace and My Own World

    Great Hub! Very useful info - these days I could use a little extra brain power :)

  • ytsenoh profile image

    Cathy 6 years ago from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri

    Adrienne2, very interesting hub. Good job on demonstrating and outlining those foods that do help our memory functions. Thank you!

  • smarter4ever profile image

    smarter4ever 6 years ago from Wisconsin

    I had no idea that baked potato helps repair memory loss. That's cool! I love my blueberriess. I can eat several cups per day! They are so good!

  • fastfreta profile image

    Alfreta Sailor 6 years ago from Southern California

    So, who knew a baked potato would be good for memory. Of course the others you mentioned I've heard of, but not the potato.

    You know I bought the Gotu kola, from my local health food store, but I forgot to use it, LOL! So now I'm going to have a cup today, or rather a few cups today.

    Thanks so much for this wonderfully, healthful, info. Voted up, useful, interesting.

  • profile image

    loanyi 6 years ago

    Many good info here...

  • profile image

    kiitty kaatherinne 7 years ago

    this doesn't help at all

  • CH.ANAM profile image

    CH.ANAM 7 years ago

    very interesting indeed, continue his.

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  • Kamran100 profile image

    Kamran100 7 years ago

    Great information, i really like it, very useful and benefical, thanx for sharing

  • Kay Creates profile image

    Kay Creates 7 years ago from Ohio

    Good information. I could really use something to help with memory.