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Acai Berry Juice | Health Benefits of Acai Berries

Updated on April 3, 2011

Healing Powers of Acai Berry Juice

Acai berry is a distinct purple berry indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. Acai berry juice as a member of alternative medicine supplement is a newcomer. The craze for acai berry juice is increasing every day because of the multiple benefits it provides. Products of acai berries includes acai berry juice, acai berry pulp, and acai berry pulp. These products have been used in South American Countries for decades.

In the recent years people of North Americal discovered the health benefits of acai berry juice. More and more consumers are finding the acai berry juice very useful in overall improvement and their health. University of Florida researches discovered that acai berry actually destroyed cultured leukemia cells. It can not be said that acai berry and its juice can cure cancer but may be very beneficial for people after prolonged usage of this wonderful healing berry.

Will açaí cure cancer? We can't say for certain. All we know is that açaí possesses some very strong health properties that may benefit people in the long run.

Acai berry juice is considered to be high in essential fatty acids, omega fatty acids, and contains more antioxidants than grapes juice or blue berries. It is also considered to be high in fiber, amino acids, vitamins, protein,and minerals. Acai berry juice due to the high protein content in it is one of the best supplement.

Acai berry juice which many people say helped them with it very high healing qualities and acai berry is known to be no side effects.

Acai berry juice contains amino acids, omega fats, antioxidants, electrolytes, proteins, and vitamins A, B1,and E.

Acai berry juice boosts your energy levels. It is know to improve your mental clarity and promote sound sleep. Acai berry is known to contain several minerals, vitamins, and protein. Acai berry is known to strengthen our immune system. It also cleanses and detoxifies our bodies. Acai berry is known to have very high level of fibers. Acai berry juice, now here is a great benefit, enhances sexual desire and performance. Acai berry is believed to fight cancerous cells. Drinking acai berry juice will slow down the aging process.

Drinking acai berry juice improves blood circulation. It is also considered to make you skin smooth and younger. Acai berry also known to control diabetes. It helps in the health of the heart. It can control cholesterol levels.

With so many uses, why not you try it.


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    • profile image

      Jamie M 8 years ago

      Here's a couple of links which I have useful on how to choose which Acai product to buy:

      One thing I would add is that it is definitely not the miracle fruit that many people claim, it's basically a great antioxidant but I wouldn't go much further than that

    • profile image

      acai berry oprah 8 years ago

      Great post, Nice information , thanks

    • profile image

      acai berry weight loss 9 years ago

      thanks for so much information.

    • profile image

      daisymay 9 years ago

      I have been using acai berry capsules and not the juice for over 3 weeks now and it has actually worked for me. I was a bit sceptical about it as some friends had tried it and had not had a huge effect from it. I found a really good supplier who have been really quick with my orders I can really recommend this site.

    • profile image

      acai berry 9 years ago

      Great info on here about the acai berry! I didn't know it had so many wonderful health benefits.