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Best Tips for Getting a Better Good Night's Sleep Without Pills

Updated on May 15, 2021
Get Good Sleep at Night!
Get Good Sleep at Night! | Source

A sound seven to eight hour sleep is all your body needs to recuperate from the day's wear and tear. But sometimes, stress tends to play spoilsport and rob you of this much required necessity, resulting in insomnia. This directly has a negative effects on your mind, body and you wake up the next day feeling groggy. Getting a good night's sleep is essential to the general as well as helping you to concentrate and just generally feel fit throughout the day. Not getting enough sleep is one of the most direct way that we self-sabotage our success and well-being. When we are better rested, we not only feel better but are also calmer, smarter, more rational and nicer to be around. So if you are struggling to get a good night's sleep then try this tips, trying these tips can ensure you a good night's sleep......


Comfortable bed cushion
Comfortable bed cushion | Source

1. When you get into bed, make sure that it's comfortable. Keep a water jug at hand, an extra quilt and a pillow handy too. Avoid getting up frequently during night.

Soft Music Relaxes Mind!
Soft Music Relaxes Mind!

2. Try listening to soothing music before you hit the sack. This slows down your mental activity by relaxing your senses and it also De-stresses you.

Taking Bath Enhances Blood Circulation
Taking Bath Enhances Blood Circulation | Source

3. Have a warm water bath. This relaxes your nerves. You can also add a few drops of aromatic oils for soothing effect. Burning a light-scented incense in a safe place also relaxes the body.

Milk and Chocolate at night are good for health
Milk and Chocolate at night are good for health | Source

4. Tea and coffee an hour before bedtime is not a very good idea, as the nicotine and caffeine in them act as stimulants and keep your senses alert. Try drinking a glass of hot milk or hot chocolate instead.

Avoid Tv Screen Just Before Going To Bed
Avoid Tv Screen Just Before Going To Bed | Source

5. Try to avoid doing activities like watching TV or eating in your bed. This stops the mind from associating bed with sleep.

Computer Screens at Night Disturbs Sleep Patterns
Computer Screens at Night Disturbs Sleep Patterns | Source

6. Avoid watching television or working on your computer for long hours late in the night. Excessive exposure to the screen makes your eyes tired and it becomes more difficult to fall asleep. Also give your brain a break from mental and visual stimulation.

Blinders Inculcate Darkness Needed For Sleep
Blinders Inculcate Darkness Needed For Sleep | Source

7. Dim the lights in the room, at least ten minutes before you plan to sleep. Wearing blinkers is not a bad idea either to block out the light. This prepares the brain and body for the resting mode.

Deep Breathing Soothes Mind and Soul
Deep Breathing Soothes Mind and Soul | Source

8. Practice deep breathing. Concentrate on your inhaling and exhaling movements. This also helps to relax your body and prepares it for sleep. Also, try count till ten and backwards.

Casual Stretching Relaxes Muscles
Casual Stretching Relaxes Muscles | Source

9. Before getting in the bed, do a little stretching by laying flat on the floor. Starting with the toes, work all the way up to your neck and fingertips. Tense your muscles and then relax them. Do it for about ten minutes.

 Reading Uninterested Books Triggers Sleep
Reading Uninterested Books Triggers Sleep | Source

10. Read a book that you don't find interesting. A yawn is guaranteed to follow. Instead, you can also take long walk around the house. And if nothing works, then force your mind to not sleep. This can bring sleep too.


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