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Simple Daily Tips to Destress/Relax & Enjoy Everyday Life

Updated on January 16, 2013

Have a laugh

'Laughing is good for health', though all of us have our household and work responsibilities, too much stressing out about them will only make you more pain -both physically and mentally. There are many ways to unwind like talking/thinking about old finny memories, catch up with your close buddies, watch your favorite comedy movies-shows. Research says, more amount of oxygen flows to organs when you laugh out loud which increases blood flow and reduces stress automatically.

Get rid of the clutter

Are you encircled by lots of things in a tiny space? Having too many materials around can leave you feeling entangled and overwhelmed which ultimately leads to stress. Continuously living in such messy encircle brings on undesirable anxiety. So to stay relaxed you need to De-clutter everything slowly and not at once otherwise it will cause you more stress. A uncluttered area makes you feel soothing and satisfying. You can start from small areas and gradually move to major things.

Do the housework differently

While cleaning your house might seem like a mundane, try to do your everyday chores in a bit different manner like putting on your favorite TV show or music, running in the background, prepare a list of chores to be done and start your work. It will not only burn your calories but also your work would be done without feeling tiredness and stressed out at the end of it.

Drink juices

Scientists say that vitamin 'C' in fruit juices lowers the level of stress hormones and can really help you to manage stress much better.Also your immune system get's boosted by vitamin C-rich foods such as sweet red peppers, grapefruit juices, orange juices, strawberries.

Sing out loud

Do you remember the last time when had sang loudly? Put the radio, music system on and start singing. Just sing it, no matter how bad you sing. Actually, singing or dancing will make you feel happier and stress-less. It also benefits your immune system, breathing and also your heart.

Breathe deeply

Deep breathing will lower the level of stress hormone cortisol and put you in relaxed mode, for these, you can do some investment in rosemary scents or some lavender and take a deep whiff. If you don't like using scents, practice regularly the action of deep breathing. Try various breathing techniques of yoga as these deep breathing sends oxygen powerfully through blood-stream, beats stress and helps you to calm down.

Go for a walk

Exercise like walking is one of the best way to beat stress, it can greatly reduce your stress level. Daily going for a walk in warm weather for about 30minutes can make you feel good and boost your mood.

Spend time with your pet

Pets not only gives you unconditional love but also keeps your health good by keeping you De-stressed. Spending few minutes with you pet can make your body feel good as it reduces blood pressure, lowers the level of stress hormones, less anxiety and improves your immunity.


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    • profile image

      Tao 5 years ago

      I go for a walk with my pet and sometimes deep breathing, it does helps me a lot, completely relaxes me. Good tips.