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Amazing Baby Deliveries from Unexpected Places With Some Videos

Updated on August 29, 2014

Amazing Baby Deliveries from Unexpected Places With Some Videos

Amazing Baby Deliveries from Unexpected Places With Some Videos. Maybe you have heard of the many news where children are delivered at unexpected places. I remember a gay friend in the Philippines, we were classmates in college and then when it was vacation time, he went home to their hometown to visit his parents, and when he came came back, he was so excited to share his experience, he helped his sister deliver in their home and he was so amazed by the experience that he said, it was good for him, he will never give birth, and even if he was a woman he said (which he like to become one), he thinks it was an awesome experience and an eye opener as well. He came to appreciate what women are doing and what they are up to, he loved his mom more and he appreciates what he saw that day. He said that when the water bag of his pregnant sister broke and there were nobody in the house, her sister was crying and screaming, with the help of another younger sibling they brought a baby into the world. then the midwife arrived with the husband of the sister. it was an amazing experience for him cutting all the baby cord and then getting blood in his hands and the baby cried. He said that he just followed what he saw in movies where he put the baby upside down and tap the bottom and then the baby cried. For most of us who saw and experienced a delivery, it is indeed an amazing experience. How about babies delivered from unexpected places?

In this hub, I will discuss some baby deliveries in various and unexpected places..

Normal Place to Deliver - Delivery Room or at the house

Amazing Baby Deliveries from Unexpected Places

The thing is that when you are pregnant, you will never know when you are going to give birth and the only thing that a doctor even with the aid of an ultrasound can give you is a two weeks allowable days or expected date of delivery. In my case I always give birth earlier than expected with all my children, but what if it is your first time, you don't really have the idea when you are going to pop out, and if it is your first time to give birth it is hard differentiating normal back pain form labor pains.

Now, let us see some amazing baby deliveries from unexpected places.

Amazing Baby Deliveries from Unexpected Places With Some Videos

Amazing Baby Deliveries from Unexpected Places

Baby Deliveries at the Airplane

One example of a delivery from an airplane is this --- According to the details "A flight from Southwest Airline that is bound for Salt Lake, was diverted to Denver after a woman on board delivered a baby boy mid-flight. Southwest says that the mother went into labor as flight 441 was flying from Chicago to Salt Lake City. A doctor and two nurses riding on the plane were able to assist the woman and deliver the child while the plane was at cruising altitude about 20 minutes". Source :

Amazing Baby Deliveries from Unexpected Places With Some Videos

Amazing Baby Deliveries from Unexpected Places With Some Videos

Babies Delivered from Roads or Cars

Have you heard or watch sitcoms in which they jokingly said that women deliver in the car because the dad who is with them in the car stopped for a drink or burger to eat etc. This is not new, we have heard babies delivered at the roads, inside the cars where the mother or the couple are proceeding to the hospital and they are about to give birth, but they never reach hospitals so they gave birth on the roads. Some of course causes heavy traffics.

  • Two weekends ago, (today April 24, 2010), there were two babies which were delivered one hour apart in cars in UK. Two mothers gave birth to their babies on the way to hospital at the weekend — within hours of one another. The two babies are safe however. Source : Royal Gazette

Born in the sidewalk :

  • Tiffany Kohls says that her newborn baby was just coming out and her mom ran into the hospital which is very near to get help, but by the time mom arrived to get the help, baby came out into the sidewalk already, two security guards plus a nurse helped Kohl's give birth right on that spot the sidewalk. Source :

Babies Delivered at the Airplanes

  • Flight LA800 from Auckland to Santiago, travelled at 35,000 feet over the Pacific. A baby born on Pacific Flight on April 7, 2007 when a 26-year-old Brazilian woman known only as Aline complained of back pain and a doctor at the plane assisted her in the delivery. The woman speak Portuguese so they need an interpreter. Source : Daily Telegraph
  • AirAsia Flight AK 6506 from Penang to Kuching, Malaysia experienced a delivery on board when a woman aboard the flight, Liew Siaw Hsia, 31, gave birth to a baby boy. Source :
  • In June 2008, Jadan Lawrence knows how to make an entrance. "His parents Daniel and Jacel Brown were on a 14-hour flight home from the Philippines, when Jacel went into labor. Daniel, a trained EMT, shifted his wife from their coach seats to the kitchen area of the plane", The woman kneel and was able to give birth.
    Source :
  • A transatlantic flight which landed in the USA carrying an additional new passenger, anew baby from an Ugandan woman who gave birth in the plane assisted by two doctors aboard. the baby was given Canadian citizenship because it was delivered in the Canadian air territory. "Passengers cheered and applauded the arrival of little Sasha aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 59 from Amsterdam to Boston on New Year’s Eve, and even offered the new-born baby food:. Source : TimesOnline

Amazing Baby Deliveries from Unexpected Places With Some Videos

Babies Delivered In The Mountains or Rice field

  • In the Philippines, there were cases when women gave birth in the rice fields and in the mountains, people will just assist them, and then midwife will arrive or what we call the traditional birth attendant. Surprisingly, these women doesn't even knowthat they are on labor and they just give birth like it is a normal activity, They also usually work after three days or after a day. Giving birth is an ordinary thing to some women who are used to working harder in the mountains or rice fields. There are some risk attached to these kind of deliveriesof course. maternal motality rate is higher in some developing countries.

Amazing Baby Deliveries from Unexpected Places With Some Videos

Amazing Baby Deliveries from Unexpected Places With Some Videos

Amazing Baby Deliveries from Unexpected Places With Some Videos

NEWS -- Amazing Baby Deliveries from Unexpected Places With Some Videos

NEWS -- Amazing Baby Deliveries from Unexpected Places With Some Videos


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    • Chaotic Chica profile image

      Chaotic Chica 

      9 years ago

      Three of my four children were premature and it never fails to tug at my heart when I hear of a birth that doesn't go 'as planned'. Animals have their babies on their own without doctors or midwives and humans are nothing but animals. OB doctors, midwives, and hospitals were created to assist in making our lives easier but women used to have children pretty much whereever, whenever the baby saw fit. Childbirth is a miracle all on it's own and I will never tire of reading or hearing about the amazing ways our babies remind us of life's uncertainties! Great hub!

    • rprcarz50 profile image


      9 years ago

      Wow , I had not thought about how many places babies have been born.

      Thank you for your fine work on this Hub


      As Always Also a2z50

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      9 years ago from Sunny Florida

      One thing about babies, they arrive on their schedule and there's nothing you can do but try to be in the right place at the right time. Then there are those that arrive too quickly and early.

      It made for an interesting hub.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Amazing hub and the miracle of birth never fails to amaze me. Great Hub



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